Unlimited number of aliases


As of today, it is possible to activate a package of unlimited aliases with the web host. This allows you to host as many domains as you want on one web host (some call it multihosting).

Unlimited number of aliases for web hosting is for an additional fee of 55 CZK per month (excluding VAT). For the whole year you will pay 840 CZK ( without VAT) for web hosting and this package together. This will achieve:

  • unlimited number of domains within one web hosting
  • unlimited space for websites
  • unlimited number of FTP accounts (you can make one for each domain)
  • unlimited number of databases (you can make one for each domain)

You can’t get something like this from any of our competitors 🙂

The total annual price is valid when ordering web hosting until the end of November 2010. Then the monthly price of web hosting will increase to 25 CZK (instead of 15 CZK).

We remind you that 1 alias is free with web hosting.

You can activate the unlimited aliases package and set up individual aliases in the web hosting administration details in the customer center. After activation of the package, you will receive an invoice from us for the extra cost of this additional service.

Our knowledge base also contains official guidance on how to achieve different content for different aliases on your web hosting: htaccess – separate sites for aliases

For more information about hosting multiple websites on a single web host, see the article How to multihost .