Trial period for web hosting


We have introduced a trial period for web hosting, it can be terminated for any reason within 7 days and under certain circumstances within 180 days of the service being set up.

Trial period 7 days

Web hosting can be terminated within 7 days of the establishment for any reason and with a full refund of the paid fee. You must send your notice of termination in an authorized manner (after logging in) via the contact form and describe in detail the reasons for termination. We will use these comments and reasons to improve our services.

You can test our web hosting for 7 days, test the operation of your applications, etc.

Refund within 180 days

We also allow termination of the web hosting within 180 days of its establishment with a pro-rata refund, but only for the following 2 reasons:

  • demonstrably insufficient performance of the operator’s servers
  • proven repeated server outages caused by a failure on the operator’s side

Other reasons are not accepted (e.g. unsatisfactory web hosting parameters or configuration, missing functions, etc.).

In this case, the fee paid will be refunded less 1/12 for each month of operation.

Switching to another service

When switching from web hosting to a virtual server or dedicated server (due to unsatisfactory parameters of shared hosting), it is possible to terminate the web hosting and the prorated payment for the unused period of web hosting will be transferred.