In 2023, our collective will grow nicely

The first customer support request came in 23 minutes after midnight. My colleague was able to check him in in a minute. Our services run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s a holiday, a pandemic, a crisis, or a blackout. Everything has to be working around the clock and someone has to keep an eye on it. There’s always someone sitting in the data center, one staircase and several security doors separating us from the server room, and others waiting ready on the phone because they’re on call.

So began the year 2023 for WEDOS … we didn’t even know it 🙂

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WEDOS, and Slavia pojišt’ovna introduce a new Domain Insurance product

Our fans who follow us know that together with we regularly organize competitions and other events. Last year at a meeting it was suggested that we could also create a joint product. My colleagues from Insurance found out what the options were with insurance companies and the easiest to implement was Domain Insurance. However, if there is interest in the product, this is just the beginning. You have something to look forward to;)

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