Event department celebrates their first birthday

On the second of January 2023 began the history of the newly founded event department, which was created by the admission of its first and at that time only member, a new colleague Lenka. Lenka has two small children and joined WEDOS after parental leave. At the time, she had little experience in organizing events, so this position was all the more challenging for her.

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WEDOS is opening a new branch

What if we told you that the largest Czech hosting company, which has pulled ahead of all competitors on the market in 31 months and is still increasing its lead, has no real sales or marketing department? There are no marketers offering our services, no SEO specialists, marketing strategists or other experts. There are actually just 50 of us here, and 5 of them are non-IT people – an accountant, a cleaning lady, two event managers and one colleague who helps with invoicing. The rest of the staff are programmers, sysadmins, technicians, networkers and so on. Thanks to them, WEDOS was created and made it to where it is now.

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WEDOS 2024: Rising costs. Price changes. What you get for it.

Remember when we started in 2010? Our goal was to bring premium hosting services to the Czech Republic at prices that would be affordable for everyone. And we did it! In just 31 months we have climbed to the top among hosting services in the Czech Republic and since then we have been pulling further ahead. But in order keep providing the best service and evolving further, it’s time to take an important step. Inflation affects everyone. Costs are rising at a staggering pace. We want to maintain quality and constantly innovate, so we have to raise prices as well. It’s an investment in the future – in services that run your websites and that you can always rely on.

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12th birthday or a year full of big changes and projects

WEDOS has had another successful year. We grew in the number of services, customers, turnover, servers and colleagues. We are the last big Czech hosting company that is pushing the boundaries. Be it technology (oil cooling) or multinational projects (WEDOS Global). Of course, everything is not going as fast as we would like, but we are moving forward and that is the main thing. And we’re glad you can be there with us.

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WEDOS stands for Ukraine!

At the very beginning of Russia’s war with Ukraine, we officially and publicly condemned this invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces. Instead of a video from our server room, we put a big flying Ukrainian flag on our website. This flag was also put on our Russian website wedos.ru. We have issued statements in Ukrainian colours on various subpages, we have prepared an article Ongoing cyber war may affect you too, get ready for it! and sent it to all our customers by email. We couldn’t stand by and each of us wanted to do something. At least help in some way and show your disapproval.

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In 2012, hundreds of small shareholders supported WEDOS. This year we will pay them a dividend for the first time.

On Saturday (21.08.2021) we sent out invitations to the General Meeting to several hundred small shareholders of WEDOS Internet, a.s. There is a very nice surprise waiting for them in the form of a proposal to pay the first dividend of our company.

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