News at WEDOS (Relase #20181213)


Our developers are continuously working on various tasks divided according to priorities. When the time comes, they deem it appropriate or something is really urgent, they make an update – Release. For WEDOS, all such updates are numbered according to the date of issue. According to records, 13 have already been issued this year. Let’s take a look at today’s one.

New additional service at VPS ON – External weekly backups

External and internal backups have become a very popular service for VPS SSDs. You have often written to us asking when they will be at VPS ON. However, we didn’t want to rush anything until we had everything sorted out with VPS ON.

In the end, we decided to just do External Weekly Backups, because you can look forward to other forms of disks for VPS ON soon. These will be designed for both high load operation (NVMe SSD), normal operation (qcow SSD) and backup (qcow SATA HDD). You will be able to back up yourself depending on how quickly you need the backup. For the “slowest” variant (qcow SATA HDD), intended for backup, we are working with the price of 10 GB for 2 CZK = 1TB for the price of 200 CZK per month (maximum 10 TB).
We do everything primarily for our WEDOS Cloud, but why not use it on VPS ON.

But let’s go back to the External Weekly Backup service. We have set the price at 2 CZK per 1 GB. The backup of the VPS ON image is done automatically and is not accessible from the outside. External weekly backups are not only about backups but also about data storage security. Restoration must be performed by a trained technician, with proper authorization and access to the secure storage, and always at the customer’s authorized request. All communication and work with data is recorded and archived. The fee for this act is CZK 500. The price already includes the work of the technician and arranging a specific time. We are planning to allow recovery directly from the administration.

In case of data corruption and we are forced to restore VPS ON from our backups, the customer can arrange to restore data from weekly backups for free.

New additional service at VPS ON – DDoS protection

Our DDoS protection is one of the best that can be found on the Czech market and we stand behind it 🙂 Since 2014 we have been building our own highly sophisticated and powerful DDoS protection that even large banking institutions would not be ashamed of. We detect and start filtering DDoS attacks in seconds.

We went through hell a few years ago. There were thousands of DDoS attacks and they were powerful. Currently, we have detected attacks with serial numbers over 500,000.

We have a lot of experience with DDoS attacks and sometimes we feel that when someone invents something new they have to test it on us first 🙂 That’s why we are also in contact with manufacturers of various security solutions. We are also arranging some cooperation, but it is not easy.

We have probes – servers for detecting faulty packets in various Prague datacentres. They were upgraded in 2016.

Since the end of 2017, when we launched our first 100 Gbps line out to the internet, we have become even more resilient and now we have 3. But mainly we can have very strong attacks sent to us in Hluboká. So we can analyze and filter them here.

Connection of the first 100 Gbps test route in Prague in December 2017.

Currently, we can filter attacks up to tens of Gbps and higher at millions of packets per second. However, we are unable to calculate exact numbers for the strongest ones because our probes stop counting at 20 Gbps. There was only one such attack in 2018, and it was directed at our website. The strongest attack on a particular customer was 15 Gbps.

Now you will be able to buy our DDoS protection for your VPS ON. The price is 25% of the VPS ON price. You will filter attacks up to 5 Gbps. For higher, you need to contact our B2B/VIP department via the contact form, which will propose you an individual solution.


One of the last rest of 2018 was completed in December. Full IPv6 support has already arrived on VPS ON. IPv6 gave us a lot of trouble, but if you want everything to work properly, it requires proper planning and execution.

Each new VPS ON service will thus get 65,000 IPv6 (/64) addresses in addition to its first IPv4 address. There are no plans to increase this number for the time being.

For new services, IPv6 will be activated automatically starting today. For existing VPS ON services (there are already over a thousand active in a year), we will add to this in the coming days.

PUSH notifications

PUSH notifications were started in relase #20181009 and so far they were in test mode. It is divided into authorized and unauthorized.

Unauthorized is used to send news and general information. You can sign up for them on our website

Authorized is located in the customer administration. The authorisation process must be carried out. In the administration you will then see who, or which browser, has the ability to monitor them. They will alert you to changes in service status and any problems.

In the last relase, our programmers taught PUSH notifications to inform you about expiration of services. What you now receive by email will now also be via PUSH notifications.


In addition to adding the above mentioned new features for customers, our programmers completed another 34 tasks. Among them were also rapid adjustments to our system due to the unexpected increase in the price of CZ.NIC. Changing the price of a .CZ domain in the price list is the smallest problem, our system can handle it with ease. However, we have to deal with many specific situations that could cost a customer a domain.

The interface for technicians and customer support has also been improved, so we can analyse the situation and help you again faster.

Probably the last release for this year 🙂 And after that you can look forward to new releases like WEDOS Cloud, WEDOS WMS and probably WEDOS VIP.