Event department celebrates their first birthday

On the second of January 2023 began the history of the newly founded event department, which was created by the admission of its first and at that time only member, a new colleague Lenka. Lenka has two small children and joined WEDOS after parental leave. At the time, she had little experience in organizing events, so this position was all the more challenging for her.

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WEDOS at CloudFest 2023 in Germany

CloudFest is the world’s largest cloud industry event, bringing together the global cloud services community. It takes place every spring at the Europa-Park amusement park in Rust, Germany. The event showcases the latest technologies, innovations and products, as well as workshops, meetings and networking.

And WEDOS was at CloudFest for the first time in 2023 😉

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Thank you for visiting DOD Wedos 2015

ℹ️ This article was originally published on dod.wedos.com.

Another WEDOS Open Days are behind us. This time we chose a smaller format and we believe it paid off. There was much more space for you and your questions. Everyone who was interested could be attended individually, either after the lectures, during the excursion to the datacenter or at the after-party. We hope you enjoyed everything and will come again next year :)

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