Conferences, workshops and other events in WEDOS DC2


Part of our second datacenter WEDOS DC2 is also a lecture room, where we planned to organize various events from the very beginning. There is professional sound equipment, a giant screen with a high quality projector and everything needed for instant recording and streaming.

Conference room in WEDOS DC2 data centre

Space for interesting IT events and small communities

The conference room is designed for roughly 40 attendees, but if we leave the tables and give everyone plenty of space (including their own power outlet), we’re targeting about 25 very comfortably seated people.

We don’t mind a smaller number of participants because there is more room for individual approach and discussion. In addition, “those who can’t fit” can watch everything online, either recorded or streaming. There are four cameras in the room.

For such a large group of people, we are able to prepare everything very quickly, including excursions, refreshments, lunches and the evening program.

The conference room and our staff are available to large communities as well as small ones. We know very well that many big and popular projects are often built on important parts that not many people pay attention to because they are demanding.

We want to give space to everyone. All you have to do is “come up with the content”, i.e. your own speakers. We’ll take care of the rest. Including further promotion.

TIP: If you are interested in organizing a conference, workshop, etc. in Hluboká nad Vltavou, please send us details via the contact form.

IthacaBranch 1.0

The first official event took place in October 2021 and it was the Aitecombing 1.0. The event was aimed at recruiting new reinforcements to WEDOS. During the three days, 14 lectures were given. Of course we streamed everything and shot and edited the footage.

The event was successful and fulfilled its purpose. We gained a lot of experience. However, there were other challenges to address in 2022, so we didn’t get around to organising more events until the second half of the year.

Aitecombat 2.0

In 2022, another Ait’ákobranie took place. This time we made it a one-day event. Once again the interest exceeded our expectations. There were many times more applicants than the capacity.

Cybersecurity Conference – IT Experts for the Future

At the end of April, we hosted the Cyber Security Conference – IT Experts for the Future. The conference was organized by the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with ALEF NULA, a.s. We provided our conference room, equipment and prepared the excursion.
Our developer, who is in charge of the WEDOS Global project, also gave a presentation at the conference.

Workshop for career and educational counsellors

One of the last events that took place at the end of November was the Workshop for Career and Educational Counsellors. The event was prepared in cooperation with the Impuls Career and Practice Assistance Centre. The aim was to explain to people who work with students what requirements we have for new employees, what the real situation on the market is, what the advantages of working in the field we do are. The presentation soon turned into a discussion.

Since we have big plans for WEDOS for many years and we will need more and more skilled colleagues, we also need to be actively involved in education. This event is one of many examples where we are trying to explain what the real situation is with people who work with young people.

We visit students and teachers not only in schools

In addition, there were excursions for schools in our datacentres, some colleagues went directly to schools to explain the current state of affairs to students (how what works, services, how to prepare to succeed in IT, etc.) and of course we also go to events where these issues are addressed.

Meeting of companies and secondary schools – – November 2022

It costs a lot of time and it is extra work, but if we just sit in our offices and bitch about how we miss our colleagues, the situation will go nowhere. We are actively trying to do something and it is having results.

More events in 2022

In addition to these official events, which we boasted, there were also a number of smaller ones for various organizations, associations and groups of people from the area. Rather, they were shorter presentations combined with discussion.

In WEDOS DC2 we were also visited by representatives of the state. Everyone is curious to see what we’re actually forging and how we’re doing 🙂

The conference room is also used for consultations and various meetings. For example, in August it was the WEDOS General Meeting of Shareholders on the 2021 financial results.

In 2022, we were also going out. We have a team of people who enjoy going to conferences and presenting our brand and services. We have been to WordCamp 2022, BarCamp Ostrava 2022, Corporate Information Systems 2022, E-commerce day 2022 and others.

WordCamp 2022
E-commerce day 2022
WEDOS at BarCamp 2022 in Ostrava
WEDOS at BarCamp 2022 in Ostrava


The year 2021 was challenging because no one knew if any action would be “allowed” at all and under what conditions. In 2022, we had other concerns and more important things to deal with. Still, we took the time to finally move forward with the actions.

In 2023 we want to devote even more time to conferences, workshops, lectures and other activities. We would also like to start podcasts. We’re in the middle of something exciting and have so much we’d love to share with you 🙂