Evaluation of the Open Days


WEDOS Open Days 2013 are successfully over. It was a long and arduous event, but it was definitely worth it. We believe that all participants enjoyed it and for those of you who could not attend, we have prepared both unedited and hopefully soon edited videos.

Events Open Days

Event name: WEDOS Open Days 2013

Deadline: 23. and 24 May 2013

Venue: Hluboká nad Vltavou, Hotel Záviš and Datacentrum WEDOS

Details and programme: published on dod.wedos.com

Number of participants: about 100 visitors attended the lectures + others came just for the tour of the WEDOS Datacentre

Brief summary

From the company’s point of view, the event was extremely successful. We got to know our customers, we learned what their concerns are and what they would like to see as new features or modifications. Very valuable information.

We presented our plans and showed them what we have built.

We had discussions all day and all evening. Discussions continued until the early hours of the morning in the wine bar. A few visitors stayed for a second night.

Originally we just wanted to provide refreshments for the visitors during the lectures, but the atmosphere was really very pleasant and so we decided to pay not only for that, but also for lunches and dinners and the restaurant bill. It was definitely worth the information we had (which made it almost immediate).

We have room for improvement (for example, a laser pointer for speakers). We still saw some minor organizational issues as a shortcoming, but otherwise we rather appreciated the informality of the whole event. It was not a fancy and fancy conference without content, but a meeting of people who are in the industry. Very nice meeting you.

Each of the participants received some gifts, including WEDOS t-shirts and as you can see in the picture, some of them bravely wore the t-shirts already during the event.

We will gradually bring individual lectures

In the following days, we will post videos and PDFs of the individual lectures on our website. The lectures have been recorded all the time, so you will not be deprived of anything now.

General Assembly

The event also included an ordinary general meeting of our company’s shareholders. We met in the restaurant and discussed the official program. A lot of unofficial things were discussed throughout the event.


Thank you to all the participants who came to join us. Some of them were several hundred kilometres away. Thank you to all the speakers for their presentations.

What was written about the event?

Much has been written about the event. Here are some links to articles from visitors.






If you know of another article, be sure to let us know and we’ll add it to the review.

Will there be a similar event?

You keep asking us if there will be a similar event. We’ll see. The earliest would be again in a year’s time so that we could combine it with the AGM. We’d certainly appreciate your thoughts and ideas for next year.

We are considering whether there will be a tour of the datacenter. We’ll see. From a security point of view, we see this as a big risk.