WEDOS Energy


We started thinking about WEDOS Energy around the middle of last year. It’s the perfect way to support conferences, meetings and even smaller gatherings.

How WEDOS Energy came into being

It started as a joke at a meeting. We have a lot of promotional items from pens, notebooks, basket wheels, bottle openers, t-shirts, polo shirts, gloves, scarves, caps, umbrellas, flash drives, Swiss Army knives to branded sweatshirts or Powercube.

We were thinking about what new things we could take to IT conferences. We agreed that the biggest demand is mostly for coffee. From there it was just a step to energy drinks. We found them ideal.

Of course, just an idea is not enough, there is a long way to implementation. We had to find a suitable supplier who could make them according to our specific ideas (we didn’t like overprinting or partial printing, we wanted our own brand). Next, it was necessary to create an ideal proposal and to agree with CZ.NIC if they would go into a joint project with us within their co-marketing program. He wouldn’t fund the ad campaign unless we put their DNSSEC logo on the drinks. It took a while, but we finally came to an agreement.

When we managed to find a suitable supplier, which took quite a long time, and agreed on the preliminary terms, our graphic designer started working on the design. I think we can say that he has really outdone himself. WEDOS Energy certainly doesn’t look like an ordinary advertising item, but it could compete with commercial products.

But creating a can is different from a regular graphic. For example, the “can swatch” that came to us from the supplier to clarify what colour we actually wanted. They did not differ in appearance, but they differed in reflection. Definitely a new experience 🙂

As you know us, we do everything efficiently and that means on a large scale. In total, we will have 150,000 cans of WEDOS Energy. Such quantities are sent by truck. Which is not ideal for us, because for example in DC2, although we have a ramp and everything we need, the truck can’t drive into our yard and we can’t transport everything on pallets through the yard yet – the parking lot is not finished yet. So we had to find temporary storage space. We would like to thank the company, which has done the WEDOS jerseys event with us before. We’re trying to convince them to take care of the logistics for us. After all, it is one of the biggest eshops in the Czech Republic, so they must have it in the palm of their hand 🙂

But the first batch is ready, so it’s time to think about how we’re going to do distribution 🙂

Who are WEDOS Energy for?

We have WEDOS Energy mainly for organizers of various IT events – conferences, trainings, meetings, or various sports and social events (balls), etc. Of course, it could be something else entirely. If you are planning such an event, be sure to contact us via the contact form.

To help us evaluate your application more quickly, please credit:

  • Name of the event and short description
  • Date and venue
  • Estimated (real) number of participants
  • How much WEDOS Energy are you interested in
  • Are you able to arrange transport or should we?

In return, we would be grateful for:

  • A photo on social media with a link (tag) to our official Facebook or Twitter profile with the hashtag #wedosenergy
  • Listing as an event sponsor

Especially for larger events, we can also help with promotion. A lot of our fans are interested in WEDOS Energy, so they would definitely come to your event.

We are also able to send other promotional items from our collection or prepare a special discount coupon for your participants. Everything is possible by appointment.