News at WEDOS (Release #20200311)


Our developers are constantly improving our system. Most updates bring only minor changes to customers, so we don’t write about them. Today’s update, however, focused on the frequent comments we receive from you and user-friendliness improvements.

Improvements to customer account blocking due to repeatedly entering the wrong password

The customer administration is equipped with a number of security features to prevent a potential attacker from accessing it.

We defend against so-called brute force attacks, where the attacker tries to try different passwords, by blocking all access for 1 hour. This is a common and widespread practice in the world, which has been used for decades.

Based on a lot of feedback from our customers, we have modified this procedure as follows:

  • First you have the option to enter your password 5 times in the normal way.
  • After five unsuccessful attempts, a re-captcha will appear and must be completed as part of the login.
  • If there are 8 more unsuccessful attempts, the account is blocked.
  • Unblocking can be done via email or SMS.

You no longer need to contact customer support to unblock.

Added options for sending login information

As you know, every time you log in to the customer administration, you will receive an informational email. However, this recently added feature, which is supposed to alert you to misuse of your customer account, has become a bit annoying for many. That’s why our developers have added a few rules about under what circumstances a warning email should be sent.

Sending notifications has a total of three modes:

  • Off – Nothing is coming to you
  • On
    • Every time you log in – You receive information about every login.
    • First time in an open browser (alert only once) – If you have an open browser and log in repeatedly, you will only get the alert on the first login.
  • Only important
    • If any changes have been made since the last login – The information email will only arrive if you have logged in from a different browser or IP address to the previous login.
    • New logins within the entire login history – An informational email will only be sent if we find that you are logging in from a brand new IP address or with a new browser that you have never used before.

You can change the settings in the Customer – Account Security section.

If you use push notifications, you can now have login information sent to your mobile phone or browser.

Added breadcrumb navigation to the administration

We built our customer administration with the goal that it would allow everything and everyone could set everything up themselves. However, over the years, it has grown a bit. We have therefore added breadcrumb navigation for easier “skipping”. 

New additional service for WMS

Our new WMS service allows you to run even very demanding projects without the need for server administration skills. Basically, you just need the same knowledge as for NoLimit shared web hosting.

This is mainly due to the fact that all the hardware is reserved for you. With a WMS, you are buying an actual piece of physical server. When the service goes from test to live, it will be possible to order the entire physical server just for you.

But it’s not just because of dedicated hardware. Before the WMS itself, there is another physical server that handles some of the requests incredibly fast. It is called a proxy server and you can use it for free with web hosting. If you have a properly set up cache for the site, it can handle most requests.

While for NoLimit sites the traffic rarely exceeds 100,000 per day, for WMS it will be quite common. WMS are also prepared for an order of magnitude higher traffic.  Just for the record. All of our websites except for the administration, i.e. all language versions of, community website with almost 7 thousand users and this blog, all on WordPress, running on 2 fCPU WMS 🙂

WMS will therefore load the proxy server much more. Therefore, we decided to base it on 5 million proxy requests per month, which would take most sites far away …. far enough 🙂

If you want to run websites with millions of visitors and use help from our proxy server, we have an extra service for you – 1 million extra requests per month for 27 CZK without VAT. You can buy as many as you need.

Of course, it is not necessary to use our proxy server. WMS is powerful enough to handle really big projects.


Apart from these modifications, a number of other improvements have been made that are not so visible. It’s more about small things in administration, debugging of orders, etc. There’s a lot going on in the background. Some functionalities take months to develop and the system has to prepare for this.

If you like something, have a suggestion for improvement, or if something doesn’t work as it should, please let us know. A lot of the development and progress we have made is due to feedback from you our customers 🙂