IMAGE: First Fujitsu hardware delivery


Today we received the first pallets of rack racks, blade enclosures, blade servers and storage. Dedicated servers will soon follow. Web hosting and virtual servers will run on these technologies.

It arrived in today’s delivery:

  • 2x rack Fujitsu PrimeCenter 46U, width 70cm, depth 100cm
  • 2x Fujitsu BX900 blade chassis with a total of 8 power supplies and 2 management modules
  • 2x blade switches
  • 9x Fujitsu BX920 S2 blade servers, each with 2 Intel Xeon L5630 processors (4 cores, 8 threads, 40W) with 24 GB or 72 GB DDR3 RAM and different disk drive options depending on server usage (SATA and SAS 6G 15k)
  • 2x storage Fujitsu Eternus DX60 with dual iSCSI controller and SAS 15k drives

Web hosting, virtual servers and databases will be operated on these servers.

Fujitsu pleasantly surprised us in many ways. Even the delivery of the hardware itself is well thought out. They may be small things, but they make everything a lot easier.

  • Each rack pallet is itself equipped with a wooden ramp so that it is easy to roll the rack down the pallet on castors.
  • The gulls are supplied with intelligently fitted power cabling (all cables are also described) and skids, a drawing of exactly which device goes where is included. There is no need to invent anything, just plug the device into the rack according to the plan, connect the cables and you’re done. It’ll save hours of work.

Within 1 week we expect another rack with 1U servers for rent (dedicated servers).