Reflection on the price increase of .CZ domains

There is still dancing on board, but at WEDOS we are enlightened ( 🙂 ) and so we know very well that the end of the good times and prosperity is coming to an end. In the Czech Republic we are currently having a very good time. If you get to know more countries in the world, not only from the view of the hotel, but also how people live there, you have to admit that the Czech Republic is currently one of the best places to live in the world. We don’t realize it and so we don’t appreciate it. Somehow we forget that the economy works in cycles. Add to that our dependence on neighbouring countries (and the fact that we are an assembly plant). The addiction is huge. At WEDOS we don’t want to be an assembly plant, but we are always moving forward and always inventing. We are building one of the most efficient datacenters in the world and we hope to patent the whole thing 🙂 .

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National Registry CZ.NIC makes .CZ domains more expensive

Times are bad and the economic crisis is imminent. Electricity is getting more expensive, gas is getting more expensive, mortgages are going up and unfortunately we have to make .CZ domains more expensive. The National Registry of .CZ domains, which is managed by the organization CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o., the monopoly domain administrator, is increasing the price of .CZ domains by 20 crowns per year.
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