National Registry CZ.NIC makes .CZ domains more expensive


Times are bad and the economic crisis is imminent. Electricity is getting more expensive, gas is getting more expensive, mortgages are going up and unfortunately we have to make .CZ domains more expensive. The National Registry of .CZ domains, which is managed by the organization CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o., the monopoly domain administrator, is increasing the price of .CZ domains by 20 crowns per year.

No more nagging. 🙂 And now “seriously” 🙂

The time is beautiful. The Czechs have never been better off. After all, they have WEDOS, security, beautiful four (this year more like two) seasons and most importantly economic prosperity 🙂 But everything changes and only security with (and at) WEDOS remains. With the global economic crisis around the corner, we need to take the right steps.

And now really to the point 🙂

The National Registry of .CZ domains CZ.NIC will raise the price of registration and renewal to 145 CZK without VAT from 1 January 2019. Of course, we will keep our public promise and continue to register and renew .CZ domains without a margin at the purchase (wholesale) price.

The new price of .CZ domain at WEDOS will be 145 CZK without VAT (for registration for 1 year or extension for 1 year).

What it means to you

Unfortunately, CZ.NIC did not really choose a suitable date for such a change. First of all, the new financial year is starting, the banks are on holidays (closed branches, limited operation), there are holidays and there was not much time for preparation. That’s why we decided to “price it up” in advance to ensure that no one loses their domain (or has their domain shut down) due to some mistake or delayed bank transactions. At the same time, we plan to return the “overpayment” to you in the form of a discount.

How will the whole event work (all prices are without VAT and for one year):

  • 17.12.2018 (Monday) – There will be a change in the pricing of .CZ domains to 145 CZK. Each registration or renewal of a .CZ domain will be priced at 145 CZK.
  • 17.12.2018 – Late in the evening (counting from 23:00) there will be a gradual revaluation on the already issued (and not yet paid) calls for payment. New challenges will arrive in your email.
  • If we receive a payment of 125 CZK and there is already a new invoice with the amount of 145 CZK, our system will automatically issue a supplementary invoice.
  • 24.12.2018 – All calls for payment in our system for .CZ domain will be for 145 CZK or cancelled (after due date).
  • 01.01.2019 – All .CZ domains without exceptions will be registered or extended for 145 CZK.
  • 2019 – All those who have paid 145 CZK from 17.12.2018 to 31.12.2018 for the registration or renewal of a .CZ domain will be issued a discount coupon for 20 CZK discount on the purchase of a new service or renewal of an existing one valid until the end of 2019. This way we want to “return the overpayment” to you in order to keep our promise of selling domains at the purchase price.

In such a short period of time and under these conditions, unfortunately, we could not come up with a better idea. We really never dreamed that CZ.NIC would become more expensive. There’s not exactly a reason for it. In addition, the price increase at the least opportune time (the crisis at the door and the end of the year). At the same time, they let us know this late. Our aim was to adjust the prices technically so that you are affected as little as possible and have enough time to pay in advance.

If you have a .CZ domain with us and you want to save money, so extend it no later than 16.12.2018 (It can be extended for 9 years, so you will save up to CZK 180 without VAT. Due to the surprising price increase, it is not certain whether the trend of .CZ price increase will not continue in the coming years. There is no official statement or information on what they are actually doing or planning.

With us, .CZ domains are always available for purchase

We have never considered .CZ domains as something to be profited from. It is an essential part of a functional web presentation. If it were up to us, we’d give you the domains for free 🙂

Unfortunately, we also have to buy them. So at least we “sell” them to you without a margin. In reality, however, we are subsidising them.

There are certain technical and personnel costs associated with them. But we counted on that and have everything fully automatic. However, it costs us a lot of money in fees to banks and payment gateways. These fees amount to hundreds of thousands of crowns per year.

But that’s more of a behind-the-scenes tidbit.


We would be most happy if the price of .CZ domain would rather decrease. We believe that without all the unnecessary projects around, CZ.NIC would be able to keep the price of the domain in the tens of crowns and still have enough money left for selected useful projects. We will come back to the issue.

This is a tragic day in the history of the Czech internet and we know how hard it must be for you 😢. If you need to relax to take it all in, we have arranged travel insurance for you with our colleagues from with a 90% discount. After all, if you get teary-eyed on the slopes, you should at least be insured. 👍