WEDOS Cloud – the real cloud


There is no cloud like WEDOS Cloud

Today on the market (not only in the Czech Republic, but globally), everyone refers to their service as a cloud. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is either just some storage, a regular virtual server (VPS) with a choice of parameters and sometimes with the option of hourly or daily billing – Pay As You Go mode.

But this is definitely not the cloud. In this article, we explain the difference of our new WEDOS Cloud service, which is a true cloud.

This is a true professional IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service.

Edit 3. 9. 2019
Beta test launched – info here.

This is not a cloud evolution, but a cloud revolution

We’ve come up with a revolutionary solution. Today we’re going to introduce it for the first time. We will make a brief general introduction and discuss the individual points in more detail in subsequent articles.

We don’t offer an ordinary service that we would call the cloud just for marketing purposes. We’re coming up with a real cloud. You won’t find many similar services on the market.

It is not a service for beginners, but for very advanced users. You need to know something about networking and server management to get to grips with WEDOS Cloud. If you don’t believe in it, you need to choose another one of our services.

Now you can choose NoLimit web hosting, a virtual server with root access or a dedicated server. Now it will also be WEDOS Cloud. Soon we will also add WMS (Webhosting Managed Server), where you will have your own web hosting server with absolute freedom of settings and dedicated performance. We will also add DWS (Docker Web Services) where you will be able to use any Docker application. We have also published our thoughts on WEDOS VIP (Very Individual Products), where we want to offer special tailored services.

State-of-the-art datacentres, state-of-the-art hardware, state-of-the-art solutions, high security, environmentally friendly operation

Over the years we have worked our way up to having our own 2 datacentres (one in operation and the other being completed). Our greatest advantages, besides excellent facilities, our own trained staff (including electricians with many years of experience), include professional service and, for example, ISO certification (9001, 14001, 27001) and ongoing certification for TIER IV. Details another time 🙂

Where WEDOS Cloud will run:

In order to run a service with high availability, you need to have quality (and expensive) facilities. In our case, it is:

  • State-of-the-art datacentres with extremely environmentally friendly operation (one with direct freecolling and the other with oil cooling and power from a hydroelectric plant and the use of waste heat to heat the city swimming pool).
  • The buildings are made of 30 to 110 cm thick reinforced concrete, partly underground, the data hall is protected by a real safe door weighing a tonne – we ensure maximum security.
  • In the second datacentre we use only fireproof cabling, which we are gradually rebuilding in the second datacentre, all with fire resistance for 30 or 90 minutes (in the second datacentre).
  • Everything is dual, including cooling and power supply, all without concurrence and without crossing, and each branch is designed for 100% load and fully fireproof separated from the other branch (one branch under the floor, the other under the ceiling).
  • State-of-the-art hardware, where we use HPE Moonshot designed for large cloud solutions, where there are 45 servers (including two switches) in 4 and 1/3U. Each server has dual connectivity of 2 x 10Gbps and each box has 8 x 40 Gbps. The datacenter has 3 x 100 Gbps.
  • The solution is based on proven and modern opensource solutions, everything is fully automated.

The Czech Republic has been dry, but now the clouds have finally appeared – WEDOS Cloud

We currently have approximately the following performance for WEDOS Cloud:

  • 540 physical servers
  • 34 560 GB RAM DDR4
  • 16 416 GHz CPU
  • over 2 PB of space on NVMe SSDs
  • 3 840 Gbps of internal connectivity

Don’t worry, we are ready for any increase. The capacity of our current datacenter still has reserves. We can increase the current performance by several times practically within a few days.

In addition, we are building a second datacenter that will be ready for:

  • 10 800 physical servers
  • 691 200 GB RAM DDR4
  • 328 320 GHz CPU
  • 43.2 PB of space on NVMe SSDs
  • 3 456 000 Gbps of internal connectivity

That’s quite an installation. 🙂 What do you think?

Not sure whether Public cloud, Hybrid cloud or Private cloud? From now on, just WEDOS Cloud

We have something for everyone. You can use our public cloud, but it’s easy to make a private cloud just for you, because you can “click” and order a dedicated solution just for you. The hardware will be reserved for you and will not be shared with anyone else. Of course, you can combine the two products and you can even leverage connections to resources on other cloud solutions. Our solution supports interconnection with Azure, Amazon or vmware cloud, for example. Everything can be configured by us. Priority of our service will be focused on Public cloud or Private cloud with dedicated resources.

What WEDOS Cloud can do

An asterisk (*) indicates upcoming items that we will launch during the upcoming public testing or shortly after the service launch.

  • creation of an “unlimited” number of virtual servers (hereinafter referred to as VMs or VMs) within a single service
  • resize – virtual servers with the ability to change CPU and RAM settings, you can increase or decrease at any time (you must restart the VM), in most cases disk resizing
  • distribution of purchased capacities (RAM, CPU, HDD) between individual VMs
  • CPU allocation to virtual CPUs on individual VMs
  • possibility to purchase up to hundreds of CPU threads for one service (WEDOS Cloud), maximum size of 7 physical threads for one virtual server, which can be divided into any number of virtual CPUs
  • possibility to purchase thousands of GB of RAM per service, maximum size of 16 GB RAM per virtual server (* or 48 GB RAM in case of private cloud)
  • Hundreds of TB of disk capacity can be purchased, maximum size of one partition is 1 TB (more in the future)
  • virtual routers
  • virtual networks dedicated to individual customers, traffic isolation
  • redundant network
  • IPV4/IPv6 (dynamically or statically allocated ranges)
  • public marketplace (datastore) with ready-made applications, market with ISO files, possibility to add your own ISO files
  • creating custom templates, cloning VMs
  • virtual datacentres (*)
  • quotas, separate zones, separate virtual datacenters (*)
  • redundant storage
  • full automation
  • automation of startup, shutdown of individual services, scheduling
  • bulk management of multiple VMs simultaneously
  • auto-scaling based on scheduling or load (*)
  • control via web interface
  • VNC console, including mobile phone operation
  • load statistics of individual VMs
  • API control (compatible with AWS EC2, EBS)
  • creating your own user accounts, groups and assigning rights (*)
  • high availability in active-passive mode, cost-effective failover solution
  • internal fencing (in case of VM or hardware failure, the instance is automatically started elsewhere)
  • high performance computing according to user needs
  • High performance (3.8 GHz turbo CPU and NVMe SSDs)
  • internal connectivity up to 10 Gbps per VPS and 40 Gbps multiples overall, 100 Gbps multiples to the Internet (*)
  • DDoS protection, individual DDoS protection (*), considering IDS/IPS protection (*)
  • security groups (setting security rules on multiple VMs simultaneously)
  • annual, monthly or hourly billing (*), possibility of “turbo” mode (short-term increase) (*)
  • data is stored in the EU
  • data ownership and data control is fully in the customer’s control, we do not scan, browse or use the data for any activities
  • 99.99% uptime SLA

Some items will be at an additional cost. We also want to optimize the service for price, so we will leave expensive features and extensions only for those who need them.

Some of the above items will not be in the upcoming beta test.

What WEDOS Cloud will be able to do (in the pipeline or not yet offered)

  • High availability in 2 different datacentres (we are waiting for the second datacentre to start).
  • floating IP address (VRRP protocol for high availability of router, balancer)
  • load spreading, load balancing (depending on the application)
  • possibility to create your own vlan networks
  • Different types of storage (small/large, fast/slow, more expensive/cheaper), different disk solutions (fast raw disks on NVMe, slower qcow on NVMe, slower qcow on SSD, high-capacity qcow disks on SATA)
  • Option to create disks for maximum write or read speed, etc.
  • snapshots for selected drives
  • A private cloud dedicated to a single customer on dedicated hardware (more or less a business issue).
  • whitelabeling (custom logo, URL, etc.)
  • monitoring and alerting

Technically, you can expect a solution where you:

  • virtual servers are set up, started and maintained directly by users, either through a web interface, API or scripts
  • you set up root servers and so the user is responsible for the setup and security of the virtual machines, especially for installing patches (WEDOS offers DDoS protection and security groups)
  • you can adjust the size and parameters of the virtual server at any time according to your needs
  • you can install anything and you can run any program
  • you can upload your own disk image
  • you can use, for example, a persistent data disk
  • virtual machines can have private or public IP addresses

WEDOS Cloud is very similar to other IaaS clouds you are familiar with: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Microsoft azure, Google Compute Engine.

Ideas about the price

We haven’t set prices firmly yet and are open to discussion. Our ideas are as follows:

  • CPU thread for 150,- CZK per month, possibility of dividing into virtual CPUs as needed
  • 1 GB RAM for 39,- CZK per month
  • 1 GB of NVMe disk space for 3,-CZK per month
  • 1 GB of space for custom ISO files or custom templates for 3,-CZK per month
  • 1 GB of SSD space for 2,-CZK per month
  • 1 GB of space on SATA disks for 0.2 CZK per month (200 CZK/TB)
  • data backup for the price of 1,- CZK per 1 GB per month
  • first private vlan included, additional for 100,-CZK per month
  • virtual router, load balancer for 100,- CZK per month
  • possibility to create up to 100 VMs at the same time included in the price, additional 10 VMs for an extra 100,-CZK per month
  • first IPv4 included, next one for 100 CZK per month (we still suffer from IPv4 shortage and we have to buy more expensive ones)
  • IPv6 /64 included
  • creation of a virtual datacenter included in the price
  • use of the Cloud API for 100,-CZK per month
  • 1 Gbps internal connectivity included with no data transfer limit, up to 10 Gbps for an additional charge
  • 1 Gbps external connectivity included with no data transfer limit, up to 40 Gbps for an additional charge
  • basic DDoS protection included, special settings available for an additional fee
  • IDS/IPS at extra cost, as well as filtering by country, etc.
  • free use of third-party software licenses (e.g. Microsoft products)

Prices for monthly billing will be 10% higher. The price for hourly billing will also be increased by a certain surcharge, which we have not yet determined. We don’t want to make the base price more expensive for everyone, so it has to be adjusted that way and hourly billing will be more expensive. The final model is still being discussed internally.

You pay the above prices for active service. If you don’t want to actively use WEDOS Cloud for a while, all data can be archived for the price of storage space (you don’t pay for RAM and CPU and other infrastructure elements).

We are considering setting a minimum monthly “spend” to “discourage” customers who are not looking for such a service (a truly high-tech real cloud), but rather a classic VPS.

The price includes, of course, other items that WEDOS normally offers. We offer registration, management and maintenance of domains, DNS records, including DNSSEC.

What else are we planning in this area?

We are preparing many other news. We want to gradually expand our WEDOS Cloud. We want to gradually add the missing menu items.

You can also look forward to SaaS, where we will offer all possible applications via docker. Soon.

Beta testing

We plan to start beta testing for serious applicants in the coming weeks. We will limit testing to the 5 to 10 most serious candidates.

Edit 3. 9. 2019
Beta test launched – info here.