What you (can’t) pay for at WEDOS

At the beginning of the year, we significantly strengthened the parameters of the NoLimit service, especially in terms of computing power. This was especially appreciated by customers using content management systems with larger databases and customers whose websites are visited by a large number of visitors on a spur-of-the-moment basis. And it shows. The number of service cancellations due to “dissatisfaction with performance/speed” dropped almost 4 times. But it’s not just about increasing the parameters. Behind it are changes and advances that most customers are unaware of.

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A peek into the WEDOS Global Protection administration

The first service we will launch on our global WEDOS Global network will be WEDOS Global Protection. It has an important task – to protect all our customers’ websites from various types of attacks and our infrastructure at the same time. Over time, we will make the WEDOS Global Protection administration available to everyone so that they can adjust the protection settings to their liking.

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Beta test of WMS – incredible performance for everyone

How would you like to have the power of an entire physical server (or even several physical servers at the same time) to yourself (and your website) and not have to worry about server administration? If you can work with our NoLimit shared web hosting, there is nothing stopping you from using the full potential of our new WMS service that does just that.

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Introducing WMS. The place where hundreds of your sites can get millions of visitors

Right now we are running successful intensive alpha tests of our new WMS service, which we would like to introduce to you today. An open beta test is planned during August, which could then seamlessly transition into a fully functional service. The data and individual settings would remain on the servers for the testers.

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It’s time to upgrade WEDOS NoLimit and bring it to the top of shared web hosting!

Our shared web hosting NoLimit is the most popular and most widely used web hosting in the Czech Republic. In the eight and a half years since the launch of the service, almost 174,000 services have been ordered, of which approximately 104,000 are active. In total, we host about 140 thousand active domains on NoLimit web hosting.

Eight and a half years is a really long time for an internet service. You can see that in 2010 we had an estimate and came up with a groundbreaking service, but times have moved on. We have therefore decided to take the next big and important step. We will increase the parameters of the service according to the current requirements of modern websites of today, including a reserve for the future.

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WMS (Webhosting Managed Server) – Introduction of the service concept

We have been working on the VMS (Virtual Managed Server) service for a long time. You often ask about her and would like to see her with us at last. The first concepts are more than 4 years old. We have been working on two versions in the meantime, but we have not finished either of them. Either it failed on lack of time and forces for development or simply the chosen technology has already been surpassed. Everything is moving forward very quickly and we have also made progress. In the end, we decided to stick to our motto – we will make the best service that will suit the majority of our customers.

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WEDOS Cloud – the real cloud

There is no cloud like WEDOS Cloud

Today on the market (not only in the Czech Republic, but globally), everyone refers to their service as a cloud. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is either just some storage, a regular virtual server (VPS) with a choice of parameters and sometimes with the option of hourly or daily billing – Pay As You Go mode.

But this is definitely not the cloud. In this article, we explain the difference of our new WEDOS Cloud service, which is a true cloud.

This is a true professional IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service.

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We are considering B2B/VIP services

We based WEDOS on services that suit most people, as much automation as possible and the ability to set up everything you need. Thanks to this model, we recently broke the 100,000 active NoLimit web hosts mark. We used to say that we are such a big web hosting factory. We have always claimed that our services can suit 98% of all potential customers. But I’m somewhere different now than I was five years ago, and we’re considering offering B2B/VIP services. Our customers are evolving and growing and we need to respond.

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