Beta test of WMS – incredible performance for everyone


How would you like to have the power of an entire physical server (or even several physical servers at the same time) to yourself (and your website) and not have to worry about server administration? If you can work with our NoLimit shared web hosting, there is nothing stopping you from using the full potential of our new WMS service that does just that.

It’s here! The long promised WMS service (Webhosting Managed Server or WEDOS Managed Server) is finally coming. Originally we wanted to test a month earlier, but our colleagues decided to finish everything. The current version is now essentially final and ready for deployment. Of course, we won’t launch it without the promised beta test 🙂

What WMS can do

WMS is a service that gives you a simple interface to create unlimited custom NoLimit web hosts. You have administrator rights to them, so you can change their individual parameters and configuration as you like. That’s all 🙂

If you are comfortable with the NoLimit configuration, you do not need to change anything. You simply create a webhost with preset parameters that match the existing NoLimit. We tried to keep all the settings of the already created webhosting (emails, ftp etc.). Switching from NoLimit to WMS will be a trivial matter for you.

Of course, if you have experience with webserver configuration, you will get a number of options to modify its behavior. You will also be able to influence the behaviour of our proxy server. For now, it can be turned off and on for individual hosts. The promised SSH will be coming very soon so you can actively manage your applications 🙂

But it doesn’t stop there. Since the WMS performance will be reserved for you, you will have complete control over the allocated hardware resources, including the allocation of CPU power to individual PHP threads.

We sell only physical CPUs (with a frequency of 3.5-3.7 GHz depending on the model) for WMS. No virtual, shared, aggregated, resold, etc. The performance and the price is on a completely different level.

Just to demonstrate what kind of performance we’re talking about here. All the new WEDOS sites (,,,,,,, and a few others not yet public) can handle less than 1/8 of the physical WMS server, respectively. configuration (1x physical CPU, 8 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD) And beware! All of this is ready for surge traffic, because when we run big discount promotions, over 100,000 newsletters arrive or we are immediately under attack, which someone deliberately sends to us.

We have been testing the WMS for several months now not only on our website, but also on a live e-shop with a billion dollar turnover. There are separate sites with different parameters (proxy on/off for selected services, long/short script run times, many/few PHP processes, various other individual settings, including IP address limitations) and it can handle hundreds and thousands of orders per day, handle complete administration and access from the whole company, as well as import and export prices from suppliers and customers. And all of this so that it will never affect each other. This e-shop has the whole server available, but in real life it uses up to 15% of the power at peak times. So there is a reserve for any advertising campaigns or various attacks.

Quick summary of WMS

  • Dedicated HW power – what you choose and buy is yours and yours alone. So it’s not a shared web hosting or a regular VMS and you don’t have to pay for more CPU just because you need a few hundred GB of space.
  • Option to purchase the power of the entire physical server – essentially a dedicated managed server. In addition, you can have one physical server for web hosting and one physical server for databases or use it as a storage.
  • You have powerful proxy servers at your disposal, capable of handling the entire traffic. Of course, you can turn them off or on.
  • Option to purchase specialized WMS – for web hosting (webserver) and/or databases. You can have entire physical servers.
  • The created web hosts are separate and each can behave as you set it up. You can set unlimited number of PHP processes, any other parameters. No more bugs and unanswered requests.
  • SSH (not available for test)
  • Optional PHP configuration. Do you need a script runtime of several hours? It’s not a problem.
  • Emails are separate on our servers and don’t take up space or power.
  • Shared connectivity 1 Gbps (max 4 customers on a physical server). In the future you will be able to have dedicated connectivity in the order of Gbps or up to 10 Gbps (the server is connected to a 2x 10 Gbps network)
  • You don’t have to worry about anything.

What is planned

  • Support for GIT
  • option to purchase 2 or more physical servers (option to choose location in different datacenters and purchase 1 – 10 Gbps dedicated connectivity)
  • CDN worldwide
  • Advanced configurable protection against attacks through anycast protection worldwide.
  • Significant performance increase thanks to a new generation of proxy servers.
  • We test super fast databases for reading (when pages are displayed, mostly just read from the DB, for popular content management systems it is up to over 95% of SQL queries). Our databases are in master-slave mode for security reasons and the new feature would give you read access to the slave.

Beta test

Now we’ve boasted and can move on to the beta test 🙂

We don’t have any strict testing rules. We need to find bugs, possible obstacles to comfortable use of the service and, most importantly, get feedback. It is not a classic VMS or its equivalent offered by competitors. From our point of view, this is an atypical service that our customers most often want from us – a more powerful NoLimit with the possibility of custom (individual) settings. Nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, the service can be used for anything else. You can use this not only for a webserver, but as storage for your backups. Or purely as a database server or a combination of anything.

As you know, we are not fans of the “bundling” that is so popular with our competitors. We don’t want to force anyone to pay thousands extra for a CPU just because they need 1 TB of disk space. You shouldn’t be punished with a higher price for being able to optimize your scripts 😉

So with WMS there will be “heaps” and you can set the disk size and CPU/RAM yourself. The DB is then calculated from this. If the database configuration does not suit you, expert setup is also available.

The beta test limits the SSD size to 30 GB. Prices are approximate and change as the sales department plays with it and tries out what things will look like 🙂

How to become a beta tester

  • You need to read this entire article to get an idea of the concept of the service. It is not a classic VPS or multihosting. It’s a new concept, a new service.
  • Email us from the customer administration via the contact form that you are interested in testing.
    • Try to write us something briefly about yourself and what your experience has been.
    • Let us know what you plan to test (testing is not limited to what you write, but we want to have at least an idea of who is testing what so we can monitor the workload).
  • Once we have evaluated your application, we will send you instructions.

Before we write you back, please be patient. There is a lot of interest in beta testing (Thank you!) and we are continuously trying to communicate with everyone.