WEDOS has become the market leader. We are the largest registrar of .cz domains!


So after 8 years, 4 months and 20 days we did it. Thanks to you, we became the largest .cz domain registrar. We broke through in a highly competitive environment and made it to the top.

At the end of January we were the registrar of 236,799 .cz domains and we were only 5,875 .cz domains short of the long reigning number one.

On 31 January 2019, we became the largest Czech registrar of .cz domains.

By the way, at the time of writing this article, we already have 250,311 .cz domains, so we are the first to exceed 250,000 registered domains. Overall, we have a share of 18.9%.

We ran three major advertising campaigns where you could get a whole pack of WEDOS Energy for just transferring domains from a competitor. The day after that, a campaign purely for registering more .cz domains.

At the moment we have not yet assessed exactly how many packs of WEDOS Energy we will be sending, but it will certainly be several tons 🙂

If you participated in the event, you will receive a pack of WEDOS Energy (24 cans) in one of these beautiful custom-made boxes during February.

Why .cz domains at WEDOS?

We register and renew domains at our purchase prices, although there are many additional costs involved. From our point of view, however, domains are something that customers should not have to pay unnecessarily extra for. Their price should be minimal so that the internet can continue to grow and add more content. That is why we at least support them in this way.

We provide the following services free of charge for each domain, whether you are pointing it to our hosting or to a competitor:

  • Free bulk domain management with full automation – you can register, renew and transfer domains in bulk with us. Thanks to folders, you can also set different domain behavior (for example, automatic renewal).
  • We have our own API that you can use for free – create your own dream administration 🙂
  • Free DNS record keeping with full IPv6 support.
  • Free DNSSEC for .cz, sk and .eu.
  • Free expiry monitoring (email, SMS and Push notifications in test mode).
  • Forwarding emails for free.
  • Free 24/7 customer support.
  • Free Miniweb service (100 MB of space for static pages).

There is also an extensive knowledge base, which our experienced colleagues are constantly expanding.

But the most important thing is that we are a big company that can take care of your domains. Firstly, we have a top technical background, but also experience in the field. This means, for example, legal support. You wouldn’t believe how much we are being tested by various “lawyers”, people with “connections in high places” and sometimes even officials. But we never back down to anyone, even at the cost of negative advertising. There are a lot of controversial websites here. We will only comply with legitimate requests and only to the extent required by law.

As far as the technical background is concerned, we have already written a lot about it. We have our own private datacenter and we are building the second one according to all TIER IV requirements (the certification process has already started and currently Uptime Institute has sent us comments on the project documentation).

We have built our own DDoS protection that eliminates thousands of attacks per month that target us or our customers. There are dozens of major attacks. One such “nicer” took place on 27.01.2019. As you can see on the outgoing connection(blue) our customers did not even notice it. There are not many hosting sites in the Czech Republic that can do this and do it for free 😉

As far as domains are concerned, we operate a total of 4 DNS servers that you can use for free if you have a domain with us. In the Czech Republic, nobody has such a busy DNS as we do. It’s not about traffic, because the DNS records of a large site will respond once, and then everything is cached, but really about the number of services. Smaller sites with little traffic are not cached by most ISPs, so they have to keep asking our DNS and then we respond really big 🙂

What happens now?

Now we will leave the .cz domain alone for a while and focus on new services. Although we are starting to be tempted by .sk. We’re about 9th there. Something should be done about that 🙂

Regarding the new services, the long promised WMS are in preparation and will soon be in alpha test. Basically, we’ll use functional stuff from our other services and tweak the details here. Before we move on to beta testing, we need to get customer administration, billing and a few things business ready. In the end, it will be a very different service than we planned years ago. In fact, it will be quite different than what is normally offered under the name VMS. The big advantage will be dedicated hardware up to the size of the whole server, so you can have a webhosting managed dedicated server 🙂 Such a server can handle a huge amount of access and you will be able to set up completely individual settings for whatever you need. And the power will be yours and yours alone. Unshared.

We are also waiting for the migration of all remaining NoLimit web hosts to the cloud (all set up before November 2017). It’s going to be something like 80,000 services, so it’s not going to be for everybody right away. Once that’s done, you may have heard that we plan to upgrade NoLimit Extra. In addition to doubling the various limits, we are also considering raising the PHP threads from 10 to 20. That’s a decent upgrade, isn’t it?

We have much more work to do with WEDOS Cloud. This is a demanding service for true experts. Development has dragged on a bit, but a public beta test is imminent. Just waiting for permission from above 🙂

B2B/VIP services are slowly emerging. A few customers have already sent us their requests. We think about what we can do and how we can do it and under what circumstances. The biggest interest is in individual conditions and settings, dedicated 1 Gbps connectivity (which, by the way, we will offer soon for VPS ON and for WEDOS Cloud it will even be in the base), connection of multiple dedicated servers with their own network and, of course, different SLAs. We’ll find out more in February and add it to the menu.


So we can officially say that we are the biggest webhosting in the Czech Republic and the biggest .cz domain registrar. Simply and simply the number one. But this is just the beginning. We have a lot more to do in 2019.