Apologies for short-term non-compliance with the domain price promise


Public promise

A few years ago, we promised that we would in the future:

  • sell (register) domains at purchase prices
  • extend at purchase prices

This public promise of ours is legally enforceable and we have made it for all our current and future clients. Here’s proof of our public pledge. It was created spontaneously during one of our events for our customers – Open Days.

Want to join and save too? Register and renew domains with WEDOS.

By registering or renewing with WEDOS you will get:

  • lowest prices on the market
  • exceptional protection of domains when changes are made to domains (two-stage authorization via email and SMS OR only via officially verified signatures)
  • quality domain administration, even for larger numbers of domains
  • free DNS management with professional online DNS administration
  • 4 independent DNS servers in 3 different locations (countries) and 3 different standalone systems and on 2 different systems (Bind and Knot)
  • DNSSEC support for CZ domains
  • full IPv6 support
  • guarantee of the lowest price on the market, we guarantee the lowest domain registration price for everyone
  • accredited registrar of .cz and .eu domains – guarantee of quality and speed
  • end price – no hidden fees, no need to use web hosting
  • full automation – registration, changes, DNS changes
  • 24-hour customer support
  • free web hosting in MiniWeb variant for each domain
  • you can use free e-mail forwarding to each domain where you specify
  • the holder is the customer directly, our company is only the technical administrator, registrar
  • ease of use
  • Domain registration is online, also changes are made automatically online and all this in NONSTOP mode
  • possibility to use a credit account or other payment methods (we have 11 ways to pay)
  • mass events – registration, re-registration, extensions, changes
    API interface for direct access to our system (online registration, renewals, changes, etc.)
  • quick registration forms for more knowledgeable customers
  • tax documents are sent by e-mail, on request by post, and are also available for download in the administration
  • expiration notifications by email (and SMS – test traffic)
  • Optional settings for pre-expiration behaviour – prompt for payment, automatic renewal, notification only
  • we fight for our clients – lawyers, authorities, representatives of big companies, etc. are trying to scare us into giving out information or shutting down services. So far, no one has forced us, we are dealing with everything according to the law and we will not “accommodate” anyone even for a “quid pro quo”. We spend over one million crowns a year on legal services.
  • we fight for our clients, we have publicly spoken out against domain price increases

We look forward to welcoming more customers. Transferring domains to WEDOS is worthwhile. The transfer is free and online and does not affect the functionality of the domain.

You can register domains here 🙂

You can transfer domains to WEDOS here 🙂

We can also do bulk operations – bulk registrations and bulk domain transfers to WEDOS.

We apologize for the short-term delay

Due to the planned increase in wholesale (for us purchase) prices from 1. 1. 2019, we had to come up with a scenario for the transition of these price increases. Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep our public promise in the next 14 days.

Operational reasons

Why? We are driven by operational reasons. It will be the Christmas and New Year holidays and this is not a good time for price changes and surcharges. The explanation and procedure is in our article.


We will compensate all clients affected by the price increase who do not keep our promise in other ways. For example, a discount on service extensions. We will prepare this matter during January and write to all clients.

We have also heard the opinion that it is no big deal and we should register and renew domains at the turn of the year at a profit. On average, we renew about 650 domains every day and register more. At the end of the year it is more and now in connection with the price increase it is many times more. If it is a total of 14 days, it can be from 10,000 domains to tens of thousands of domains and each can be up to 9 years. Multiply that by 20 crowns… and you will find that it would be 200,000 or even several million crowns of profit on our part. Let’s say 10,000 domains for 9 years = 1,800,000,-Kč. And those domains could be 10 times as many.

Increase in domain prices

The increase in the price of CZ domains is a unilateral move by a monopoly administrator. We have already commented on this on our blog in a separate article.

Our emails in the last few days

We sent an informational email last week to all clients who had domains with us, telling them how to proceed to register and renew their domains at current prices. This email was written in earnest.

Yesterday, i.e. 12. 12. 2018 we sent a newsletter (to newsletter recipients) that was designed as a joke. All of it. There are smiley faces and even the chosen font was “kind of crazy”. We wanted to get the word out about the increase, and we have succeeded. This newsletter has had a great response. It divided society into the part that understood that it was a joke and full of smiley faces and the part that criticized us for the way we wrote it.

Those were the reactions we were after. In many places on the Czech Internet the whole situation regarding the increase in wholesale prices is being addressed.

We have saved our clients tens of millions of crowns

We operate over 300,000 domains. Given the purchase prices, we save our clients tens of millions of crowns every year. We could raise our prices to market rates and have tens of millions of crowns more revenue (and profit) per year. But that’s not our style. We made a promise and we’re gonna keep it.