New NoLimit Extra web hosting for demanding customers


We now offer a higher variant of our web hosting – NoLimit Extra. It brings higher performance, more space for MySQL and emails, daily backups and higher PHP parameters.

This higher variant ofNoLimit Extra web hosting is designed for the operation of demanding applications that do not meet the basic parameters of NoLimit web hosting. You get higher CPU performance, better PHP performance (including more memory for running PHP scripts).

Order NoLimit Extra and you will get, among other things:

  • higher number of PHP processes – 10
  • space for MySQL – 2 GB
  • space for emails – 10 GB
  • daily backup with free restore, 5 days history back
  • PHP memory_limit – 256 MB
  • PHP upload_max_filesize – 128 MB
  • PHP post_max_size – 128 MB
  • one month of free service in case of an outage

The NoLimit Extra version also includes a daily backup of the website content, all its databases and emails. Advances are made nightly, 5 days in arrears are available. Restoration from this daily backup is free of charge and is carried out by our technicians upon request. The regular version of NoLimit is backed up only once a week, and there is a fee for restoring from a backup.

Price: extra 75 CZK without VAT (90 CZK with VAT) / month to the regular price of NoLimit web hosting

Additional version NoLimit Extra can be selected when ordering a web hosting or it can be activated at any time in the customer administration in the details of a particular web hosting. The payment period is 1 year.

More detailed information: Webhosting NoLimit Extra

For the above mentioned price (corresponding to a very common price of a significantly less powerful web hosting at competitors) you get not only quality and stability (as is common with WEDOS), but also maximum performance and completely unique and unrivalled PHP parameters for running your website.

Why did we add this higher web hosting option?

During the year of our activity we have encountered customers who needed more performance (more than 10 thousand visits per day) or special settings of PHP parameters or a larger database. So far we have been rejecting them or sending them to VPS. Many of them had no experience with setting up a virtual server and managing their own VPS was complicated for them. That’s why we decided to meet our customers’ needs and made a special higher variant of NoLimit web hosting with the attribute Extra. This allows us to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. The performance of this web hosting option surpasses the performance of web hosts and most virtual servers on the market.Minimum price and maximum performance, that’s NoLimit Extra.