Alternative webmail interface


Due to IceWarp’s crashing webmail interface, we have launched a second webmail interface based on RoundCube software for our customers.

The new webmail interface is available at

You can use both interfaces – the original one from IceWarp and this RoundCube one.

The webmail interface from IceWarp is unfortunately unstable for unknown reasons, sometimes crashes under heavy load and needs to be restarted regularly. We are solving the problem with the manufacturer, unfortunately it is not going forward yet.

So if you use webmail and its instability is causing you problems, try this.

Webmail RoundCube

This alternative webmail can:

  • 67 language versions
  • full support for HTML and MIME messages, attachments
  • multiple sender identities
  • Search
  • folder management
  • Contact

More information About RoundCube

Unfortunately it is not possible to configure some things of the mailserver via this webmail:

  • change the password to the mailbox (can be done in the customer administration)
  • setting rules and filters
  • setting automatic replies