We are making .cz domains cheaper, other endings more expensive


From 1.1.2012 we have discounted .cz domains to a new price (125,-CZK without VAT), which will be valid in 2012. From 15.1.2012 we will be forced to increase the price of other offered extensions.

Please note the following notice regarding the new domain prices.

Price reduction of .cz domains – registration and renewal for 125,-CZK without VAT

Since the beginning of 2012 we have reduced the price of .cz domains to 125,-CZK without VAT (150,-CZK including VAT). The price applies to both newly registered domains and renewals of existing domains. We want to keep the price of .cz domains low in the long term and this is not a short-term special offer.

Price increase for .com, .net, .biz and .eu domains

We don’t like it, but we have to increase the prices of .com, .net, .biz and .eu domains. The reasons are simple. The Czech koruna weakened significantly against the dollar and the euro, so our purchase prices are higher and at the same time from 15.1. 2012 there is a global increase in purchase prices for generic domains.

We apologise for this increase in price, but we are unable to control the situation and will inform our clients in due course. Thanks to this, you can still renew existing domains at the old prices and you can also register new domains at the original prices until 14 January 2011.

Estimated new domain prices from 15.1.2012 (new and renewal):

  • com – 165,-Kč without VAT, i.e. 198 including VAT
  • net – 140,-CZK without VAT, i.e. 168 including VAT
  • biz – 175,-Kč without VAT, i.e. 210 including VAT
  • eu – 110,-Kč without VAT, i.e. 132 including VAT

We believe you will appreciate our fair step of informing you well in advance about the upward price change.

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For .cz domains, nothing is paid and nothing changes. For other extensions you have to confirm the change of registrar by renewing for 1 year (an additional 12 months will be added to the current domain validity period), but at our prices.

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  • and many other benefits

Thank you in conclusion for your trust so far

Finally, we would like to highlight our results so far. In 2011 we became the fastest growing hosting company in the Czech Republic. So we are the best selling and most popular hosting in the Czech Republic in 2011. Thank you to all our customers for their trust!