Winning the Turtle Competition for Sony PlayStation 5 and 50 more prizes


We have had another successful competition for our customers. To take part, all you had to do was buy a new hosting service or renew your existing one and answer the contest question. Alternatively, take out an insurance policy over CZK 100 with our partner

We organized this competition together with the Hluboká Zoo, where WEDOS is the general partner. We are also pleased to announce that we have extended our partnership for 2021. We are already planning joint events similar to the one on the 13th. September last year, when we celebrated our birthday and our customers and fans had free entry to the Hluboká Zoo 🙂

How we chose the grand prize

But let’s go back to the current competition. Again, we chose a shorter duration of 3 months. In past contests, we’ve played for iPhones. This time we wanted to try something different, so we took a few polls and came up with the answer that you would like to compete for a Sony PlayStation 5.

The Twitter poll also showed that you want to change the price from an iPhone to a Sony PlayStation 5.
The Twitter poll also showed that you want to change the price from an iPhone to a Sony PlayStation 5.

Other prizes

So for this competition it was clear. We’re playing for the Sony PlayStation 5. As other prizes we have chosen the Original signed jersey of FC Zbrojovka Brno and Dynamo České Budějovice, where WEDOS is a sponsor. Colleagues from Pojištení.cz donated 3000 CZK for petrol/diesel. This time we decided to put our services into the competition. 20x WEDOS CD Family (cloud storage for 1 year, each worth 2900 CZK). And of course we couldn’t miss our favourite WEDOS apple energy juices.

Competition question

This time we chose a question with the theme of animals from the Hluboká Zoo.

What will be the total weight of the 15 green turtles in the Hluboká nad Vltavou Zoo at the official weighing, which will take place on 12. 5. 2021?

The tip must have been in grams.

The answers were entered into a special form, which was linked to from an email sent after the order was paid. The form was active from 01.02.2021 00:00 to 01.05.2021 23:59.

For each purchase/renewal of a hosting service, an additional email was sent so that customers with multiple services could guess multiple times.

Official weigh-in and correct answer

The official weighing of the turtles took place as planned on Wednesday 12. 05. 2021 in Hluboká nad Vltavou. This time it was easier than in the previous competition where tigers were weighed🙂

The official weight of the weighed turtles and the answer to the competition question is 13865 grams. Below you can find the minutes from the weighing and the official confirmation from ZOO Hluboká.

Results of the competition

The competition officially ran for 3 months (from 01.02.2021 to 30.04.2021). A total of 3375 tips were received from customers. Only a relatively small number of customers took the opportunity to participate in the competition, so it was not only the experienced herpetologist who had the chance to win 🐢

The majority of the tips came from customers who purchased or renewed our NoLimit web hosting, WEDOS WebSite online web development service and the super powerful Web Hosting Managed Server (WMS). It’s no surprise, these are our most popular and sought after services.

A lot of tips also came from customers with VPS, VPS SSD, new VPS ON and surprisingly also WEDOS Cloud, which we still have in test operation, but is growing very fast in popularity. The interest is mainly from companies that want to keep their data in the Czech Republic and are looking for a service that meets high security requirements. It’s because of them that this year we added ISO 27017 (Security controls for cloud services) and ISO 27018 (Protection of personal information in public clouds) to our certifications.

The correct answer was 13865 grams.

None of the contestants hit the target accurately. The closest was Mr. Milan Duháček with his ticket 13852g (-13g). He became the winner of our turtle competition. Congratulations!

The complete list of winners, including their picks, can be found in the table below. We will contact everyone by e-mail.

Winner Tip The Difference
1. Milan Duháček Trutnov 13852 13
2. Lukáš Matoušek Bžany – Lbín 13897 32
3. David Velebil Odolena Voda 13820 45
4. Jiří Janeček Štětí 13785 80
5. Jiří Paštika Jindřichův Hradec 13785 80
6. Ondřej Fiala Zruč nad Sázavou 13785 80
7. Michal Březina Docks 13958 93
8. Ladislav Prokop Jihlava 13754 111
9. Marek Smolka Prague 6 13982 117
10. Viktor Tucek Prague 4 13745 120
11. Zdeněk Aster Semily 13987 122
12. Alena Ohnhäuserová Radkov 13734 131
13. Zdeněk Rychtar Mukarov 14000 135
14. Martin Kocourek České Budějovice 14000 135
15. Milada Jurková Vrbno pod Pradědem 14000 135
16. Radek Saradin Přerov – Bochor 14000 135
17. Olga Berdnikova Prague 3 – Zizkov 13730 135
18. Jiří Otruba Brno 14000 135
19. František Ettler Treetops 13722 143
20. Martin Fejt Prague 1 14025 160
21. Vojtěch Kovář Babice nad Svitavou 13700 165
22. Miroslava Mitrenga Ostrava Petřkovice 13650 215
23. Petra Musilová Karlovy Vary 13650 215
24. Miroslav Stradal Brno 13627 238
25. Daniel Klimek České Budějovice 13600 265
26. Přrmysl Kuh Karviná 13589 276
27. Petr Tomanek Jizbice – Zavadilka 13587 278
28. MIKE LORD Tuchomerice 13585 280
29. Radim Sklenar Uherské Hradiště 13581 284
30. Iveta Hochmanová Olesna 13572 293
31. Tereza Pavlíková Brno 13572 293
32. Jana Tkáčiková Post Office Bystřička 13565 300
33. Anna Marie Zrůst White Podolia 13562 303
34. Richard Spacek Pardubice 13555 310
35. Jan Novotný Ústí nad Labem 13546 319
36. Roman Klimeš Klimeš Prague 5 13546 319
37. Václav Němeček Prague 13544 321
38. Michal Firyt Prague 14200 335
39. Veronika Víchová Prague 14201 336
40. Radek Hřebeček Prague 7 – Holešovice 13500 365
41. Lumír Kus Rumburk 13500 365
42. Filip Kulka Baska 13500 365
43. Jindrich Buk Prague 5 Zbraslav 14234 369
44. Markéta Houngbedji Nový Bor 14250 385
45. Pavol Jurko Arms 14250 385
46. Radek Novotný Rudna 13477 388
47. Stefan Mikulasek Hlučín 13475 390
48. Pavlína Balíčková Red Kostelec 14258 393
49. Andrea Buresova Nová Ves 13472 393
50. Dominik David Olomouc, Řepčín 13457 408
51. Peter Rybovič Frýdlant nad Ostravicí 13456 409

ℹ️ Everyone could win only once in the competition
ℹ️ The official page of the competition and the evaluation is:

Another big summer competition with .eu domain

After guessing the weight of apples for the animals and tigers, we decided to go back to IT for a while. Read more Competition, this time for an Apple iPhone 12 Pro and 100 more prizesstarted in May. This time EURid is a partner, so the competition applies not only to our hosting services, but also to .eu domains. So you can participate in the contest not only by renewing but also by registering a .eu domain.

And what is the competition question? “How many .EU domains will be registered with WEDOS as of 13 September 2021 at 23:59?” You know our numbers, so just guess our growth correctly and you’re guaranteed one of the 101 prices 😉