The .art domain celebrates its 4th birthday and WEDOS brings you a great promotion


The .art domain entered the phase of free registration (General Availability) exactly four years ago – on May 10, 2017, and it marked this day as its birthday. It has come a long way since then and it looks like it has a very interesting future.

There are currently more than 110,000 .art domains registered and according to UK Creative Ideas Limited, the company behind the domain, it is one of the 10 fastest growing new domain extensions in terms of the number of domains in the DNS.

In 2020/2021, the global pandemic helped the .art domain to grow. Many artists had to move their activities online and find new ways to reach their fans and customers. In a time of quarantines, isolation and restrictions on free movement, people also started to engage more with art. When they found that they enjoyed it and found joy in it, they decided to share their work with others. And .art has benefited from this and will continue to do so in the future.

The .art domain is already well known in the art world. For example, famous Chinese visual artist and architect Ai Weiwei and other iconic figures from the art world have endorsed the platform, which supports artists struggling with adversity.

While .art has been slowly but surely establishing itself in the world of traditional art, in recent months it has also brought new possibilities, mainly thanks to the use of blockchain technology and the NFT (Non Fungible Token) phenomenon.

For example, Mario Testino, a well-known photographer, presented his four photographs as NFT on the domain, which he sells through the NFT auction MakersPlace. Currently, two NFTs have been sold. The first for $24,360 and the second for a total of $58,461. The third is being auctioned (price is $6,060) and the fourth is yet to go to auction on the 14th. May. The money from the auction will go to save forests in Peru.

The .art domain thus connected the worlds of art, technology and finance. And that’s just the beginning. The concept of CryptoArt has been with us for years, but it’s only now with NFT that the concept has come to global attention.

WEDOS and the .art domain

We added the .art domain to our offer in October 2020. We have signed a contract with CelntralNIC, which takes care of the technical background. The .art domain was one of the few that our customers asked about when we successfully acquired ICANN accreditationwhich allows us to register new domain extensions directly.Our internal statistics and logs of active websites have confirmed our interest in .art.

In order to get the best possible terms for our customers, in December 2020 we signed a contract directly with UK Creative Ideas Limited, the company behind .art. So not only do we have better prices from January, but we can bring you exclusive promotions like this one 🙂

As part of the celebration of the 4th birthday of the .art domain, you have the opportunity to register it for the super price of 45 CZK without VAT for the first year. The price is valid until the end of May, i.e. 31st May 2021.

You can check if your dream .art domain is still available on our domain offer page.

To celebrate the birthday of .art, we have also created 2 new WEDOS WebSite templates that you can use for your website. The first one is for a simple presentation of the artist and his work, based on the PROFi variant.

The second one is prepared directly as an e-shop, where there is also an order form. It requires the PROFI tariff, but we have also prepared it in the FREE version.

How is the .art domain doing at WEDOS

When UK Creative Ideas Limited wrote that they were one of the top 10 growing new domain extensions in terms of the number of domains in the DNS, we believed them. We’ve given away a lot of domains for free or offered them for a few pennies, but websites didn’t end up being built on them. On the other hand, websites are constantly being created on .art domains.

Since October, the number of .art domains we take care of has grown to 321. It’s not much, but 192 customers have bought NoLimit and another 40 have been added as an alias. The other 87 go to our new WebSite service. That’s a total of 319 .art domains that someone bought to create something on. That’s a 99.38% success rate. No other domain has had that in six months.

This is confirmed by our statistics from the NoLimit, WMS and WebSite logs. In the last 7 days, 292 .art domains have had at least one request with status code 200 (page found). These 292 .art domains had a total of 196,839 page views in 7 days.

The .art domains are simply alive :), so don’t hesitate and get one too.