19M CZK were paid out in our partnership programme


We knew from the start that if we were going to offer quality services at the best prices, all we needed to do was take care of the promotion. One of the best ways to do this is through the experience of our customers, which is why wedos.as was created. Our commission system through which you can promote our services. Those who use and recommend us have already earned more than 19 million CZK in commissions.

Our commission system details

The commission system has been one of our priorities from the beginning. It was originally tightly integrated into our internal system. Later we decided to do it from the ground up again and independently. We have designed the new version to be easily extensible, freely scalable and, most importantly, to cover all promotion options, including potential developments in SEO.

Therefore, it contains and you can use:

    • Traditional promotion through links (suitable for articles, social networks, communities, newsletters by agreement).
    • Advertising space (here we also pay per click).
    • Commission coupons (you generate your own coupon and whoever uses it gets a commission).
    • Arrivals from the domain/web – links without code (there is no risk of penalties from search engines for advertising or that the visitor will intentionally delete your affiliate code).

We know very well that advertising is not cheap. Every year we spend millions of CZK on advertising systems, social networks, print advertising, billboards, advertising on athletes’ jerseys, etc. So the commission levels correspond to that. Why should others, from whom we buy expensive advertising, receive more for advertising than our partners?

Commission for WEDOS services

We are the only company in the Czech Republic that pays commissions on domains.

Commissions for the services of Pojištení.cz

Our commission system is also used by insurance.cz, which has also managed to reduce costs to a minimum thanks to automation and the omission of annoying calls from call centres. Instead, they invest in growth, optimization and promotion. They have the best commission on the market for many products because they consider the affiliate program one of the best opportunities. In fact, they are behind many of the bonus programs and activities at wedos.as including, for example, the recent Sony Playstation 5 competitions for partners.

Other ways to earn and benefits

In addition, if you don’t have the opportunity to promote any of the products in the wedos.as offer, but you know someone who has a highly visited website or community, you can get a 10% commission directly from what they earn. All he has to do is sign up for wedos.as through you.

Some numbers from our partner programme

A total of 13,843 partners have registered in the system since its launch. This year we welcomed 259 new members. Active in the last 14 days was 972.

This year (01.01.2021 – 31.05.2021) our partners displayed 50.287.798 advertising spaces on their websites. In total, we cashed 12,075 clicks. 98,883 visitors came through the links this year. Of these, a total of 12,176 orders were placed for CZK 3.6M and EUR 7.2K.

The affiliate program is simply worthwhile for us to run and we want it to be worthwhile for our partners.

TOP 3 commission agents
01.01 – 31.05.2021
1. the best2nd best3. the best
Total number of orders21138561213
Orders (CZK)18488451177
Total amount of orders (CZK)540 560 CZK231 856 CZK275 428 CZK
Partner’s commission (CZK)144 761 CZK91 185 Kč79 158 Kč
Orders (EUR)2651135
Total amount of orders (EUR)EUR 2 746102 EUR369 EUR
Partner’s commission (EUR)722 EUR43 EUR105 EUR
TOP 3 commission agents in our system from 01.01.2021 to 31.05.2021.

From 01.01.2020 to 31.05.2021 a total of 114 payments were made to partners, namely:

    • 594 225,17 CZK – average 5 353,38 CZK
    • 51,24 EUR – average 25,62 EUR
    • 535,65 PLN  – average 535,65 PLN

As you can see, not many partners are promoting our excellent services in Poland yet, but the number of customers from Poland is growing rapidly.

TOP 10 payouts 2021
(01.01 – 31.05.2021)
1.37306,59 CZK
2.29417,87 CZK
3.27729,25 CZK
4.27628,12 CZK
5.22463,93 CZK
6.22347,10 CZK
7.22228,93 CZK
8.22005,02 CZK
9.20981,07 CZK
10.18644,90 CZK
TOP 10 payouts for the year 2021 (01.01. – 31.05.2021)

Furthermore, 38 payouts worth more than half a million are waiting to be paid out and among them will be one record holder of CZK 311,099.90 and another with CZK 39,759.03.

Disbursement requests in “pending”, “awaiting invoice”, etc. we didn’t count. This is purely money that our partners have already received or will receive.

These are all nice numbers (over CZK 1.1M in total for a year and a half), but the pandemic has had a strong impact on the sales of Pojištěni.cz, who will now make up for it. They have already prepared interesting events and incentive bonuses.

Pojištění.cz has very interesting commissions. Especially commissions on travel insurance for a few weeks in the USA or Asia can reach several thousand. The biggest commissions this year:

TOP commission Insurance.cz
01.01. – 31.05.2021
1.3423,95 CZKTravel insurance
2.2574,45 CZKCompulsory liability
3.1927,75 KčCompulsory liability
4.1711,44 CZKTravel insurance
5.1532,25 CZKCompulsory liability
The highest commission at Pojistění.cz from 01.01.2021 to 31.05.2021

With WEDOS there are more ways to earn money from the commission system. You can target a larger group of people and sell tens to hundreds of NoLimit domains and shared web hosts per month, or you can target more experienced IT users and offer them our VPS and dedicated server services where commissions are high.

TOP commission WEDOS
01.01. – 31.05.2021
1.7500,00 CZKDedicated server
2.5283,00 CZKVPS SSD
3.3962,25 CZKVPS SSD
4.3129,57 CZKVPS ON
5.3000,00 CZKDedicated server
The highest commission at Pojistění.cz from 01.01.2021 to 31.05.2021

With the new services, the possibilities are of course expanding. For example, our new WEDOS WebSite service is growing rapidly in popularity and we are not even advertising it yet. This is an ideal opportunity for our partners.

Newly in test operation we have WEDOS Cloud and WEDOS CD services, which although cheap compared to the competition, can earn you several thousands. And WEDOS Cloud is planning additional services that are in high demand, but the price per service for annual invoicing is in the tens of thousands. We expect commissions from WEDOS Cloud to surpass dedicated servers in the future.

We mentioned at the beginning that we also offer coupons for partners, which you can generate in the wedos.as administration. These coupons can then be placed on the site, shared via social networks and, if agreed, sent out via a newsletter. Such a coupon can earn you good money in the long run. Here are the 5 most successful coupons generated by our partners:

TOP coupons
OrdersCommission CZKCommission EUR
1.54772 678 CZK38 EUR
2.18925 884 CZK17 EUR
3.17024 207 CZK51 EUR
4.15720 988 CZK
5.13617 592 Kč32 EUR
The most successful individual coupons of our partners for the period 01.01.2021 – 31.05.2021

The future of wedos.as or how we intend to move the system forward

If we spent 100% of what we put into advertising on affiliate commissions, no one would mind. Other forms of advertising, where we spend millions a year, are often more of a risky investment. On the other hand, we always pay our partners a fair share and our job is just to keep the customer to make it worthwhile. So just provide good and quality service – the customer stays with us and it pays us to give such a large commission.

It is therefore in our interest that the commission system continues to grow. We have therefore decided to assign one of our skilled product managers to our affiliate program as an affiliate manager for WEDOS, who prepares new templates for WEDOS WebSite and actively writes some of the most popular instructions on our community website and knowledge base. Together with my colleague from Pojištění.cz they will be a good team to move the whole partnership system forward. You definitely have something to look forward to 😉