WEDOS is opening a new branch


What if we told you that the largest Czech hosting company, which has pulled ahead of all competitors on the market in 31 months and is still increasing its lead, has no real sales or marketing department? There are no marketers offering our services, no SEO specialists, marketing strategists or other experts. There are actually just 50 of us here, and 5 of them are non-IT people – an accountant, a cleaning lady, two event managers and one colleague who helps with invoicing. The rest of the staff are programmers, sysadmins, technicians, networkers and so on. Thanks to them, WEDOS was created and made it to where it is now.

Most of the services we offer to customers today were originally developed for our own needs. This is one of the reasons why we try to constantly improve and innovate. Our sites run on our NoLimit shared web hosting, we use WordPress because it has a user-friendly environment. WEDOS Global was created in essentially the same way – as a service we also created for ourselves, to protect not only our infrastructure, but also every single website on our servers. It’s just that we ended up with an oversized service that would suit everyone. Not only the people in Czechia, but absolutely everyone. At domestic and foreign conferences, we find that there is a lot of interest in our services. Everyone needs protection, either because they already have experience with attacks, or they seek to prevent them in the first place. We are able to protect individual websites, but also offer B2B cooperation. The problem is that there is currently no one to complete these pre-negotiated deals, because this is not a job for an IT person. Simply put, selling it the way people want it is now beyond our capabilities and the time has come to build a department of experts to handle it.

The original plan was to build the DC3 data center, but this turned out to be not very economically sound due to several years of delays. One of the reasons was the expropriation of a part of the land. But since our current office space is already insufficient in capacity, we found a suitable building that will perfectly serve our future plans. The office space for the newly emerging sales department is located not far from Hluboká – in Sezimovo Ústí on the premises of the company KOVOSVIT MAS. We plan to create 60 to 70 jobs here. We believe that this area offers us ideal conditions – good human resources and affordable, spacious, strategically located office space with the potential for further expansion in the future. We always try to actively cooperate with the city where we operate, and at the same time cooperate with local companies. We believe that will be the case here as well.

What is the battle plan? In January 2024, we want to prepare the offices, fine-tune the details and gradually start recruiting new employees to join our growing company. We are primarily looking for colleagues for sales and administrative positions, but we believe that we will also find a few colleagues who will expand our IT teams. To support this, we will organize our already traditional recruitment event AjťákoBraní at the new site. Our possible future coworkers will have the opportunity to meet the management of the company in person and look around the area. At the same time, they will learn a lot of information about the company and the recruitment process, and they will also have the opportunity to chat informally with current employees. We will continuously inform you about the preparations of new spaces and events on social networks.

See the Careers page for a complete list of current job openings. These positions are also suitable for students or parents of young children. We offer many benefits as well as favorable working conditions (part-time, flexible working hours, cooperation on a trade license). Marketing experts will have the possibility of unlimited earnings (a commission component will be part of the salary).

And what will this change bring to our customers? By having a sales department, there will be more space for non-technical support.

We want to primarily focus on cyber security, which is one of the most lucrative fields in IT today and in the near future. It’s a huge market that will grow. It’s something we’re good at, we’ve had great results at it.