One Day on WEDOS Webhosting

When it comes to the number of hosted domains, WEDOS is one of the largest hosting companies in Europe. Our shared web hosting alone hosts a total of 153,843 domains, thousands more are on WMS and WEDOS WebSite. We collect data from all of these hosting services in real time and use them, for example, to improve our WEDOS Global Protection. Let’s have a look at everything that happened on Monday, February 5, 2024.

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Lessons from the most demanding users of WEDOS Global Protection

Over the past year, WEDOS Global Protection has come a long way. Thanks to feedback from testers, customers and interested professionals, we have taken it to a completely different level. From pure cyber protection that protects every website, we have gradually crafted a service that can also use the web CDN cache to significantly speed up the customers’ websites. However, the biggest challenges were brought to us by the most demanding users of the WEDOS Global Ultimate plan.

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Event department celebrates their first birthday

On the second of January 2023 began the history of the newly founded event department, which was created by the admission of its first and at that time only member, a new colleague Lenka. Lenka has two small children and joined WEDOS after parental leave. At the time, she had little experience in organizing events, so this position was all the more challenging for her.

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WEDOS is opening a new branch

What if we told you that the largest Czech hosting company, which has pulled ahead of all competitors on the market in 31 months and is still increasing its lead, has no real sales or marketing department? There are no marketers offering our services, no SEO specialists, marketing strategists or other experts. There are actually just 50 of us here, and 5 of them are non-IT people – an accountant, a cleaning lady, two event managers and one colleague who helps with invoicing. The rest of the staff are programmers, sysadmins, technicians, networkers and so on. Thanks to them, WEDOS was created and made it to where it is now.

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