WEDOS Global even faster in Finland with the launch of IXP Netnode in Helsinki


WEDOS Global, our global infrastructure providing unrivalled speed and reliability in Europe for your websites and applications, has just taken another big step forward. After a successful connection to Netnod, one of the leading Internet nodes in Northern Europe, we have now extended our network to Helsinki (Finland), thanks to a new connection to Netnod’s IXP (Internet Exchange Point).

The first data arrived on 12. December 2023. The traffic is low because we don’t have many customers in Finland yet. However, if your customers are connecting through this area, your site will run a little faster for them. If the content is stored in the web CDN cache, they see it almost immediately.

The first data that passed through the Netnode point in Helsinki.

How exactly does it work? It’s simple – by connecting to Netnode in Helsinki, we have brought ourselves closer to users in the area. By doing so, we’ve shortened the path that data must travel to reach your visitors. Fewer hops across different networks means faster page loads and lower response times.

IXPs like Netnod are like major traffic intersections in the internet world. By connecting to them, we’re on the high-speed highway of the Internet. This means that if your customer is in Finland or the surrounding Nordic countries, their access to your website will now be faster than ever. There is a high probability that it uses an ISP that is also connected to Netnode. WEDOS Global uses many of these highways and we are working on dozens more.

And you know what the best part is? As our customers, you don’t have to do anything. WEDOS Global takes care of everything for you. Your website and apps automatically benefit from these enhancements without any need for technical adjustments or additional costs. Because that is how WEDOS Global is fundamentally designed. Doing whatever it takes for the customer to ensure their site is as secure and fast as possible.

With each new connection to an IXP like Netnode in Helsinki, WEDOS Global continues to expand its capabilities and improve its service to you and your customers. Don’t just rely on your site being fast in one country. Your customers live in other countries or travel there for work and holidays. Let them have unlimited access to your website. Without limited connectivity or blocking.