WEDOS Global has connected to BIX, it will be faster for Hungarian users


We have more good news for you. Monday 9. On October 2023, we launched the connection of our WEDOS Global network in Hungary. Specifically, we connected to a central point in Budapest BIX.

BIX (Budapest Internet Exchange) is an IXP (Internet Exchange Point) in Budapest where ISPs and other large networks can connect to each other to efficiently and quickly transfer data between their networks. Instead of having data travel through different parts of the world, it is faster and more efficient to route it through the BIX if both networks between which the data is being transferred are connected to the BIX.

And how did that help? As you can see in the picture below, we went from a fluctuation of around 30 ms to some 6 ms. Of course, we will still be debugging it.

If you have customers or visitors from Hungary and use WEDOS Global Protection, they will now have faster DNS response and the content that our servers cache will be served to them faster.

We’re currently working on a full web cache that, unless you have actual content that needs to be updated on the reverse proxies, will always be served from the reverse proxies. Initial tests show speeds on reverse proxies in units of ms under ideal conditions.

These peering connections are key to speeding up WEDOS Global’s response and we are gradually implementing them both in Europe and the rest of the world. However, Europe is key for us at the moment because we want to be among the top 5 most reliable and fastest DNS providers in Europe.