WEDOS Global connects to IXP Netnod, will be faster for Nordic users


After many weeks of negotiations and preparations, we finally met on Tuesday 20. September 2023, they have connected to one of the largest Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Northern Europe – Netnod.

Netnod is one of the oldest and largest Internet hubs in Europe. It operates in many locations within Sweden and has recently expanded to other countries, such as Finland, which we have taken advantage of, as we have WEDOS Global locations in both Sweden (from 5 May 2022) and Finland (from 31 May 2022).

Netnod is known for its high availability, stable operation and quality infrastructure, which contributes to faster and more stable connectivity for members who connect to it. WEDOS is also already a member, so IXP peering with other members will significantly improve our response time, increase throughput, and overall make every website and service using WEDOS Global much faster for visitors from the Nordic countries.

What is IXP peering?

Peering is an agreement between two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that allows their network traffic to pass directly between them without having to go through a third party.

This direct data transfer can increase the speed and reliability of your internet connection, as the data does not have to travel as far or across other different networks. It can also reduce costs, as both parties can avoid fees they might otherwise pay to third parties for data transfer.

Peering usually takes place on the so-called. Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), where many ISPs can link their networks together.

It will take some time to finalize everything from our side, to fine-tune it and everything will “fit”. With some ISPs we have to write to get them to send us traffic correctly, but as we grow and become a major player in the global marketplace, it’s getting easier and easier.

And what’s next for us?

Last week we launched the Dublin site in Ireland. We’re waiting for an arranged connection to the Equinix network.

We’re working on a link to FranceIX (France), FICIX (Finland), which are in the final stages of the process, so hopefully we’ll write more about that soon :).

Next up are AM-SIX (Netherlands), DE-CIX (Germany), these are in the pipeline.

We are waiting for (Hungary), (Austria), (Slovakia).

We are considering linking to ESPANIX (Spain/Madrid) and CATANIX (Spain/Barcelona) via a partner.

We are also negotiating with Asian peering. However, our current priority is Europe, where we want to be among the top 5 best and most reliable DNS providers as soon as possible :).