Launch of the new WEDOS Global site in Ireland


We added another point to our global infrastructure in September in Dublin, Ireland and on Friday 15. In September 2023, the first user requests from our customers passed through it. For now, it handles traffic from Ireland and Iceland. Gradually, however, we will start to allow other traffic through this location where it makes sense for customers. The aim is to achieve the best possible response.

Launch of the WEDOS Global site in Dublin.

In the new Dublin location we have 45 of our own physical servers, 3 switches and 100 Gbps scalable connectivity. Everything is also ready for a possible connection to local networks via an Arista pre-switch if this improves the quality of service in the future or if we have a larger number of local customers in Ireland.

We currently have our own physical servers in 26 locations around the world, with more in the pipeline. At the same time, we arrange and implement peering connections to local exchange points (IXPs), which significantly improves the responsiveness of the entire WEDOS Global infrastructure.

What is IXP peering?

Peering is an agreement between two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that allows their network traffic to pass directly between them without having to go through a third party.

This direct data transfer can increase the speed and reliability of your internet connection, as the data does not have to travel as far or across other different networks. It can also reduce costs, as both parties can avoid fees they might otherwise pay to third parties for data transfer.

Peering usually takes place on the so-called. Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), where many ISPs can link their networks together.

Where does WEDOS Global currently stand?

We pay for an independent, large-scale measurement that helps us optimize the entire WEDOS Global infrastructure, revealing weaknesses and benchmarking against competitors.

If you use WEDOS Global Protection, you will see a significant improvement in DNS responsiveness worldwide. After typing a domain into the browser, a visitor from Europe receives a response within 15.71 ms on average, in North America within 22.25 ms, in Asia within 97.29 ms, in Oceania within 19.63 ms, in Africa within 62.87 ms and in South America within 133.87 ms.

Of course, for countries where we directly have sites, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, etc., it is under 10 ms.

These figures place WEDOS Global in the top 10 in Europe and top 25 globally compared to all global competitors.

But it doesn’t stop there. We are just building WEDOS Global and are currently focusing on Europe. In a few months we should be in the TOP 5 in Europe and next year in the TOP 15 in the world.