We are launching HTTPS support for web hosting


Today we officially launched the long requested HTTPS support for web hosting. We offer a shared certificate option for everyone for free, as well as the option to use your own certificate.

For web hosting we offer 2 variants of HTTPS:

  • with shared certificate – free, suitable for your secure access to CMS or e-shop administration, not suitable for visitors and customers
  • with your own certificate – suitable for secure access of your visitors and customers to your WWW pages, it is necessary to activate your own IP address at the webhosting – charged 100 CZK without VAT per month (120 CZK with VAT) and it is necessary to deliver your own certificate

For the time being, it is not possible to obtain your own certificates through us. You need to find one of the certification authorities on your own and provide us with the resulting certificate and private key.

For more information, please visit our knowledge base:

  • HTTPS basics (HTTP over SSL) – theoretical information about encrypted and trusted access to WWW pages, certificate and private key, certificate authorities
  • HTTPS for web hosting – more detailed information, activation procedure and settings