Bulk Adding and Domain Patterns in DNS


We have launched another of our bulk actions – bulk adding domains to DNS. In this context, you can also use the possibility of defining domain patterns (templates) in DNS.

Domain patterns in DNS are templates with predefined DNS records. You can use them to easily add a domain to our DNS servers – both individually and in bulk.

There is also a new tool for adding multiple domains to DNS in bulk.

So we have added to our fleet of mass actions for our customers, so now we can:

  • bulk register domains
  • bulk re-register domains
  • bulk obtain domain authorization passwords
  • bulk domain renewal
  • change customer data (billing data) in bulk
  • change DNS servers for domains in bulk
  • set up WWW and e-mail redirection for domains in bulk
  • move services in bulk to another customer account
  • bulk add domains to DNS

All this for everyone and for free regardless of the number of domains managed by us.

For similar information and instructions, see the knowledge base in the Bulk actions for domains section.

It is also possible to change subscriber data in bulk and move services between customer accounts for web hosting, virtual and dedicated servers.

An alternative to performing individual or mass actions in the customer centre is to use API , which will be appreciated by customers who want to integrate domain work into their information systems or automate some operations even more.