Introducing the DNS system


DNS (domain name system) is the foundation of the entire Internet. Our service offer must of course include the operation of our own DNS servers. We offer DNS record keeping for anyone for free. In this article, we will introduce our system and the process of its preparation.

Each domain must have 2 or more DNS servers set up, on which DNS records are registered for the domain (i.e. information on which server the WWW pages of this domain are located, which server is to send e-mail for this domain, etc.). Every decent hosting and related service provider operates its own fleet of DNS servers and thus offers a sanctuary for its customers’ domains.

Of course, we must not be left behind and we are already finalizing the development of our DNS system. It will offer the following services:

  • maintenance of primary domain records – i.e. records of domain DNS records in our system and other information and settings
  • keeping secondary domain records – our system will be a child of the domain and will download its records from another DNS server

It will include a friendly customer interface that will allow anyone to:

  • add new domains to DNS (primary and secondary)
  • edit records – to start with we will support records of type A, NS, CNAME, MX, TXT, AAAA, SRV and SPF
  • complete change history
  • Configurable enable/disable zone downloads via AXFR (outbound AXFR) with the ability to specify specific IP addresses that can download a zone of a given domain
  • importing data when switching from other DNS servers – downloading via AXFR from another server, uploading zone file
  • copying domains – you can easily create a new domain by copying another domain (with all records and settings)

In the future we are preparing:

  • DNSSEC support
  • keeping reverse records for our autonomous system

Test operation

We are planning to launch the DNS system into trial operation for the public in mid-February 2010. This means that anyone will be able to add any number of domains to our DNS system after registering on our site. During this test run, the system will probably only run from one physical server, with multiple servers in multiple autonomous systems being deployed until live operation.

We will offer DNS record operation to anyone for free, the condition is not to have other paid services with us (e.g. domain or hosting). Really free for all.

Below you can see screenshots from the upcoming customer administration.