CRM system introduction


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Solving email communication for businesses is not easy. Most companies do this by having one of their employees install an email program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) on their personal computer and handle incoming messages. When there are several employees, each of them has their personal mail on their own computer, they forward messages to each other in different ways, etc. This looks simple and seamless.

However, a major problem arises when:

  • an employee falls ill or goes on vacation and no one knows how to access his computer and therefore the mail he was handling
  • your computer crashes and you lose all the mail that was stored on it (because many companies don’t keep backups)
  • the manager thinks that he would like to check what the workers are doing all day and what they are writing with whom, and preferably he would like to monitor it whenever he wants
  • someone will need to access mail from another computer
  • multiple employees will want to handle messages that go to one email address
  • someone will want to work with mail from home

An ordinary email client on your computer won’t help you here, you need something completely different.

We use our own developed email system for all email communication (with customers, suppliers, business partners, etc.). information system WEDOS IS . Its main advantages include:

  • the system is operated using a WWW browser, there is no need to install anything on the computer
  • the system is accessed via the Internet, mail can be worked with from anywhere (from work, from home, from vacation)
  • the system is not dependent on one work computer (when your computer goes down, you move to another one and continue working without losing data)
  • the system is shared, all mail is shared (depending on access rights for individual employees)
  • the system has a sophisticated backup
  • signatures, autoresponders, message patterns, multiple identity support, filters, statistics, notes, complete history, previews, access rights
  • the system takes care of security, all communication between you and the system is encrypted

We also offer the WEDOS IS information system to you without set-up fees and in the lowest variant free of charge.

For more information, please visit WEDOS IS website .

Below you can find a gallery of examples of working with this system.

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