Information on the VAT change 1.1.2013, payment systems outage


Information for our customers in connection with the change in the VAT rate, shutdown of payment systems at the turn of the year, transfer of credit on advance accounts

As the VAT rate will change as of 1 January 2013, we would like to inform you about related changes and events for our customers.

Shutdown of payment systems

Due to the changeover to a different VAT rate and the related updating of our systems and adjustment of orders, our payment system will be down from 31.12.2012 22:00 to 1.1.2013 at about 10:00 (the downtime was only until 2:00). That is:

  • payment requests will not be issued for new orders
  • we will not process bank transfers
  • it will not be possible to make online payments
  • it will not be possible to use the imprest account in any way – deposits, payments, issuing imprest invoices

We apologize for this downtime, but it is necessary to make it so that everything runs smoothly and, most importantly, so that everything fits the books.

Price adjustment of outstanding orders

All orders that are not paid for by the above shutdown date will be re-priced so that the total amount including VAT is maintained. We want to avoid dealing with a large number of overpayments/underpayments.

Transfer of credit on imprest accounts

As the credit on the advance accounts was credited with 20% VAT this year, all customers who have any credit left on their account will be charged the remaining credit and then re-credited to the advance account with the new VAT amount.

If there are outstanding payments on the account, a bill (invoice) will be issued with the entire remaining deposit deducted. The invoice will thus be for a negative amount. You will receive this invoice immediately before midnight 31.12.2012.

If there are no outstanding payments on the account, a credit note will be issued for the last tax bill for the remaining amount. You will receive this credit note additionally during January 2013, as we have to process the credit notes manually. Please be patient.

The above invoice or credit note will therefore “return” the remaining credit including the original 20% VAT. This document will then be paired with a new tax document, which will re-deposit the same credit to the imprest account with the new VAT amount. You will receive a new tax document as soon as 1 January 2013.

Overall, you will receive from us:

  • invoice for a negative amount or credit note – this will reset the credit and “refund” you
  • tax receipt for re-deposit of the same amount with new VAT

We encourage our customers to reset their deposit account(spend all credit) by the end of the year. This will not result in the above credit transfer.

Also, all outstanding advance invoices for credit to the imprest account will be cancelled as they contain old VAT. Customers have to issue new ones with the new VAT.

Imprest accounts where accounting without VAT is performed (foreign VAT payers in the EU) are not affected by this credit transfer.

Commission system

The commission system is not affected by the change in VAT because the commission account records commission amounts without VAT.