Planned modifications to the electrical installation 15.12.2012


On Saturday 15.12.2012 the new UPS will be connected, we do not expect any complications or interruptions of any services

In the tender, we selected the Socomec Green Power 2.0 MASTERYS GP 120 kVA UPS. This UPS will complement our existing UPSs and better protect our servers and our entire infrastructure from power outages.

The UPS is rated for 9 minutes of backup at full load. The generator usually supplies power in 1 minute during an outage.

The UPS will be connected on Saturday 15.12.2012. Due to this, one of the server power branches will be disconnected for some time. Unless there are complications, this will not affect the functionality or availability of any of our technologies and services.

Electrical wiring is performed by IBSolution s.r.o.

We will bring more details and photo documentation in the next week.