How an alleged employee is defaming us (2) – who owns WEDOS


Yesterday we introduced you to our alleged employee who decided to publish the alleged (un)truth about WEDOS. This person was not lazy and today published another article questioning who really owns WEDOS.

In the next article, our alleged employee addresses the question of who really owns WEDOS and who is therefore responsible for the client data and liable. The answer is simple and there is no need to look for something unfair behind it.

WEDOS is the name for several companies (with a name containing the word WEDOS), each of which has or had different (own) activities that are distinct from the other companies.

Today, the main and primary activity is the provision of hosting services. We wrote our series about how the whole WEDOS hosting project came into being. We’re not hiding anything. We have been open from the beginning.

WEDOS Hosting is operated and owned by WEDOS Internet, a.s., which owns the following parameters:

ID: 281 15 708(extract from the Commercial Register)

Address of the registered office and business premises: Masarykova 1230, 373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou

Share capital: 23 000 000 CZK (yes, twenty-three million Czech crowns), which is fully paid up. No other Czech hosting company has such a high share capital.

Shares: 230,000 ordinary registered shares in certificated form with a nominal value of CZK 100. These are not bearer shares (the anonymous shares so often criticised by the public), but non-anonymous registered shares. We will introduce the shareholding structure later.

Bodies of the company

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme body of the company and the Annual General Meeting is held once a year. This year it was held at the end of May in Hluboká nad Vltavou and took place in the presence of a notary and with the participation of shareholders from among our customers.

The Board of Directors has 3 members, with Josef Grill acting independently on behalf of the Board of Directors (and therefore the entire company).

The Supervisory Board must also have 3 members by law.

Yes, the father is on the board of directors and the wife of the founder is on the supervisory board, but there is nothing wrong with that. A public limited company must have 3 members of the Board of Directors and 3 members of the Supervisory Board. They all have certain responsibilities. Try to get enough people to join the new company. That’s why it’s arranged that way and there’s nothing against it. The possibility of change was offered at the AGM, but none of the shareholders were interested in change because everyone is happy with the status quo.

The company is managed by Josef Grill.

WEDOS and events

WEDOS Internet, a.s. has 230,000 shares, and the shareholding structure of the company is as follows:

  • Josef Grill owns 90,000 shares, a 39.13% stake
  • WEDOS Property, s.r.o. (owned by Josef Grill) is the owner of 110,000 shares, which means a 47.83% stake
  • 30,000 shares are distributed among about 300 small shareholders from among the company’s customers, who therefore own about 13.04% of the shares

The majority shareholder of the company is therefore (de facto) Josef Grill, with a stake of approximately 86.96%. The rest are small shareholders.

The article also included a link to our public offering last summer. Thanks to this completely original solution, the company has several hundred customer shareholders. You can find a description of the whole event and its course on our website in the section dedicated to events. For the sake of interest, it is necessary to add that there was such a huge interest in the subscription of WEDOS shares that 30,000 shares worth CZK 3,000,000 were sold out in 53 minutes from the launch and hundreds of interested parties were not reached.

Minority shareholders not only have equity in the form of shares, but are also entitled to a 20% discount on service extensions. Shareholders of the company will of course share in the profits, but we have announced that we need to invest, so we expect the first dividend payment to be for 2015. Going forward, we expect the dividend to be tens of percent of the purchase price of the shares.

Just for the record, the company has grown by more than 100% of its size since the share subscription and currently WEDOS shares are selling for about 3-4 times their purchase price. So if someone bought a share for 100 crowns last year, this year they are selling it for 300-400 crowns. So no one lost and no one lost on WEDOS shares, but on the contrary everyone made many times on WEDOS shares.

In our view, the fair value of the shares is currently even higher than what the shares are selling for among shareholders and bidders. Along with the growth of the company.

Another round of public subscription is planned for the future, and has even already been approved at the General Meeting. This should change the shareholding structure so that the share of Josef Grill would be smaller and smaller and, on the contrary, the share and influence of small shareholders from among satisfied customers would increase.

What does the above imply? What is wrong with the anti-campaign?

The hosting company is WEDOS Internet, a.s., which currently has nothing to do with Cyprus, but even if it did, we see nothing wrong with it. For example, your favourite Seznam, a.s. is owned by a Cypriot company.

WEDOS Internet, a.s. is a Czech company that aims to provide the highest quality and reliable services for its customers. This is primary and we subordinate everything to this goal, including profit making. We prefer to invest now in the quality of our services and in the satisfaction of our clients rather than thinking about short-term profit. There will be profit, there will be profit.

The shares of the hosting company are not anonymous, but rather in the name of the company, so that any of the shareholders can be traced and identified at any time.

A Czech company with a registered capital of CZK 23,000,000, which has ISO certifications(9001 – service quality management, 14001 – environmental management and 27001 – information security management), is therefore responsible for the clients’ data. Our certificates are from the prestigious certification company TÜV SÜD. We are one of the few hosting companies in the Czech Republic that has these certificates. The company is registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection and ensures the security of all its clients’ data.

Responsibility for the damage caused is borne by WEDOS Internet, a.s., which not only has the highest registered (and paid-up) share capital among all Czech hosting companies, but also has its equipment completely in its possession. The company owns not only the equipment and servers, but also the entire WEDOS Datacentre building. The company has no loans.

You don’t have to worry about your data with WEDOS.

Note on the topic – WEDOS hosts companies with turnover in the tens of billions

WEDOS hosting customers include not only smaller customers, but also large and important companies. Our customers include all Czech state universities, authorities, towns and municipalities, as well as customers with an annual turnover in the tens of billions of crowns. Yes, even customers with a turnover in the tens of billions of crowns trust and host WEDOS. And even a large customer like that has the same service, the same service and the same support as a residential or small business customer. We treat everyone the same. Just as well!

Who is writing this campaign against WEDOS?

I wonder who it was? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. It’s one of our competitors. Unsuccessful competitors… because then you can choose anyone 🙂 ….It’s worth taking a look at our domain growth charts (comparing to competitors over the last month).

Or look at the statistics in the growth of hosting (others are stagnating and WEDOS is growing):


Soon this competition will look more like we are making it up and it is a deliberate part of our advertising campaign. It’s basically an advertisement for our services. It’s obvious that someone is so sick of us that they’re going to go to the trouble of a similar campaign. It is clear that we are doing our job well.

You won’t find similar information from other companies, but it’s been common from the start with WEDOS. We are not hiding anything, and so even anonymous websites (based in the USA under non-existent Czech names) that campaign against WEDOS cannot surprise us.

Perhaps just a small note in conclusion. At WEDOS, we call each other by our nicknames, but we call the boss something else. Nobody calls him Pepa Grill, but otherwise. If he was an employee, he would know…

What are we responding to?

Below is a screenshot of the site we are responding to (just for preservation). We assume that this is part of the competition and so will be evidence before changes are made.

Our alleged employee has set up a website (address modified and screenshot is here at the end of the article). The first article reports on how we got it wrong with power. In the next we learned different information.