Hosting News April 2011


We bring you a summary of what’s going on and what’s new and improved with our hosting services and information about things in the pipeline

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  • Where do we stand 7 months after the launch of our services? We currently have 4300 active web hosts, 620 VPS (more than 1000 modules), 20 dedicated servers and 12500 domains underour management. And to the chagrin of our competitors, we continue to grow rapidly.
  • We are currently competing for a Škoda Octavia, this is a year-long competition, the winner will be drawn in December 2011. To enter the draw, simply subscribe to any of our paid services.
  • Over the last few months we have given away 6 netbooks to the winners of our competitions, and we are preparing other smaller competitions.
  • We have obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification. This is a guarantee to our customers that we meet the demanding requirements of these standards and adhere to certain rules in the provision of services and corporate governance.
  • There is already 24-hour customer support – we are available 24/7 via chat and email, and we are preparing telephone support.

News in web hosting

  • Web hosting is now fully and officially available over IPv6. By default it is disabled, you can set up the necessary AAAA records for the domain through the administration.
  • Directly in the customer administration it is possible to rename the web hosting , i.e. replace the main domain.
  • New databases are set up on the latest MySQL 5.5 version, if necessary, it is possible to set up a database on an older server on request (if the PHP application is not compatible with the new MySQL version).

News in server hosting

  • IPv6 is already fully and officially available for VPS and dedicated servers. Each server is assigned a range of 65,000 IPv6 addresses.
  • For virtual servers, you can find out the current status of the VPS, a list of disk partitioning and data on the current I/O load in the customer administration.
  • For virtual and dedicated servers, it is possible to set up reverse entries – for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses – via the customer administration online.
  • For VPS, we now offer Remote Desktop license rental. Upon agreement, any other software from Microsoft (e.g. MS SQL Server) can be priced and rented, more in the current price list.

Domain News

  • We currently offer CZ domains for the lowest price in the Czech Republic – 145 CZK / year (without VAT). This is not just a special price, the price should be valid for the whole year 2011 for anyone.
  • Still running promotions for EU domains(100 CZK / year without VAT) and COM domains(140 CZK / year without VAT)
  • For all domains in the customer account, you can globally adjust the settings of the expiration behavior – you can automatically issue a payment request 30 days before expiration for the next period (default behavior), just send an email notification of the upcoming expiration, or do nothing.


  • In February we successfully wired the new electrical system which increased the power capacity of the datacenter to 3x 200 A.(more info)
  • In a few days we will have a new 1 Gbps route, we have already ordered 2x 10 Gbps, which should be operational in 2-4 months.

More news

What we are preparing

  • The following modules will be newly available on the PHP webhost by the beginning of May at the latest: imageMagick, imap, ionCube Loader and XSL
  • We are preparing some additional services for web hosting – additional space for emails (5 GB packages), more options for cron, more frequent backups with access to backups, etc.
  • We are preparing a new package for VPS with pre-installed OS Fedora, Apache, MySQL, PHP, postfix and ISPconfig
  • WebFTP interface for working with web hosting content via WWW browser will be available soon