New payment methods: PayPal and mMoney


These 2 new payment methods have been available for some time, as of now officially. So we already have a total of 8 ways to pay for our service orders.

PayPal is the most used electronic wallet on the Internet and enjoys great popularity in our Central European countries. In 2 months of test operation we have received almost 500 payments via PayPal. It’s a great alternative to credit card payments for international clients. Payment is processed within minutes.

mMoney is an online payment interface for mKONTO or mBUSINESS KONTO bank account holders at mBank. Payment is processed within 1 hour, usually within 10 minutes.

In both cases we do not charge any extra fees.

The link to make a payment using one of the online payment methods can be found in the payment invitation email.

Payment methods

In total, we offer the following 8 payment methods:

  • wire transfer – classic transfer to our bank account, within the Czech Republic 1 working day
  • credit card – online payment using your credit/debit card, processing time 10 minutes
  • PayPal – a method especially suitable for payments from abroad, processing time 10 minutes
  • superCASH – payment in cash at SAZKA terminals and branches of the Czech Post, processing time 10 minutes (almost 5000 payment points across the Czech Republic, they are usually open even on weekends and holidays, sometimes late into the night)
  • Mojeplatba – on-line payment from Komerční banka account, processing time up to 1 hour
  • ePlatby – on-line payment from Raiffeisenbank account, processing time up to 1 hour
  • mPeníze – on-line payment from mBank account, processing time up to 1 hour
  • GoPay wallet – pay with your credit at, processing time 10 minutes

Advance account

If a customer has multiple services or wants to pay for multiple orders at the same time, there is the so-called. advance account.

Any customer can send any amount in advance, which creates a kind of credit with us, and from this they can pay orders immediately and there is no need to wait for any payment transactions.

You can “top up” your deposit account in any of the above ways. Billing is done once a month or on request. You won’t drown in a lot of accounting documents if you have e.g. many domains.

More information about the imprest account