New 1Gbps connectivity and IP addresses


Yesterday, we plugged in a new 1 Gbps route to replace the 100 Mbps, and we also got a new IPv4 address package. Within a few months, 10 Gbps will be in operation.


Our very first data route with 100 Mbps speed, which we started with in September 2010, was not enough for us for a long time. Yesterday (13.4.) we finally converted this route to 1 Gbps. So now we have 2 independent 1 Gbps routes, each terminating at a different connectivity provider in Prague.

So we have fully redundant 1 Gbps connectivity. Any route, any of our main routers and any router on the other side can break down and we’ll go the other way. BGP ensures automatic reconnection.

At the same time, intensive preparations are underway for the first 10 Gbps route. Telefónica O2has promisedus this at the end of this month, but then it will take a long time to prepare the routers, rebuild our entire backbone network to 10 Gbps and test everything thoroughly. So 10 Gbps could be fully operational in May or June.

In parallel, preparations are underway for a second 10 Gbps route, which will be provided by ČD-Telematika. However, this cannot be done without construction work and the installation of several kilometres of fibre optic cables.

See also other graphs of our network traffic .

IPv4 addresses

We have received another package of IPv4 addresses from RIPE, which should be enough for at least 6 months. These are addresses Our first range is almost exhausted. What will happen when we run out of this second range is hard to predict. We may never get another one.