Commission system


Our commission system offers commissions of up to 50% for brokered orders of all our services – domains, web hosting and server hosting. Anyone can join the system who has their own WWW pages and publishes an advertisement about us on them.

The commission system provides the opportunity to earn money for placing orders for our services. It is intended for anyone who has a WWW site and places an advertisement for our services on it. For every order placed by a customer who has come through an advertisement on your site, you will receive a portion of our sales. The customer can place an order with us up to 90 days after the first visit (through your site) and you get a commission. So they don’t have to order immediately.

The amount of commissions according to the specific service:

  • domains 5%
  • web hosting 50%
  • virtual and dedicated servers 25%
  • serverhousing 10%

The start of the commission for the above services is expected on 14.9.2010.

Commissions are on all fees paid for the operation of the service in the first year of its operation after its establishment. Commissions are always paid after the payment of the fee for the next period. With annual billing you will receive the commission for the entire year immediately, with monthly billing you will receive the corresponding commission portions monthly.

Examples of commissions

Below are examples of the annual commissions for each service. We will publish a more accurate price list from 13.9.2010.

  • domains – approx. 10 to 20 CZK
  • web hosting – approx. 100 CZK
  • virtual servers – about 300 to 1000 CZK
  • dedicated servers – approx. 3000 to 10000 CZK
  • server hosting – approx. 2000 CZK

How to start earning

  1. If you don’t have an account with us yet, sign up – create a customer account with us
  2. Activate the commission system in the customer service centre and we will immediately credit 100 CZK to your commission account as a bonus.
  3. Create an advertising area in the customer centre and insert the generated HTML code into your pages or insert links to your pages with the address we will provide you with
  4. For every customer who comes to our site through you, we note that they belong to you
  5. For orders that this customer then creates, we will note that you brokered them
  6. After the order is completed (after the customer has paid and the goods or services have been delivered), we will credit your commission account with a percentage of the total amount of the completed order (the percentage depends on the range of goods and services)
  7. If you reach at least 500 CZK in your commission account, you can ask us for a payout – we will send you the money by bank transfer

Before you start using this commission system, you should first read the Terms and Conditions of the commission system thoroughly.

How to promote us?

Commission links

You will receive a link address from us, which you can place wherever you want and however you want – use it for a link next to an image, insert it as a link in the menu on your site or in the text of your site, etc.

Commissioned advertising space

You will insert a special HTML code on your site that will display our advertising banners to your visitors; in this case you can also earn money for clicks (0.50 CZK per paid click)


Add another subscriber and you will receive 10% of his direct commissions (i.e. the commissions he gets from visitors to his site)

Dimensions of advertising space

At present, it is possible to use advertising space in the following dimensions:

  • fullbanner – 486×60 px
  • wide skyscraper – 160×600 px
  • skyscraper – 120×600 px
  • rectangle – 300×250 px
  • medium rectangle – 125×125 px
  • large rectangle – 320×250 px
  • square – 250×250 px
  • leaderboard – 728×90 px
  • column – 120×200 px
  • wide column – 160×200 px

Further information