TODO list


An overview of our planned and already implemented parts of our project with expected implementation dates – construction, technology, new services, expansion of existing services.

Planned items

We are continuously updating and supplementing the list.

Please note that these are only indicative dates for when we imagine the service or technology will be deployed. Some things may go faster, some slower than we originally thought. These dates are therefore not binding for us.

WEDOS Disk – one-time file download over HTTPDecember 2012
IDN support for domains and web hosting2013
service offer in English2013
direct connection to NIX2013
groupware and synchronization on the mailserver2013
own transformer station2013
DNSSEC support for gTLDs2013
backup generator 700 kVA2013
webhosting Windows, MS SQL2014

Finished items

DNS system15.3.2010
purchase of real estateJune 2010
membership of RIPE20.7.2010
obtaining AS and IP addresses23.7.2010
starting a webcam24.7.2010
Rough construction – concreting of the floor24.7.2010
hardware testingAugust 2010
accredited registrar of CZ domains11.8.2010
rough construction – double floor15.8.2010
accredited EU domain registrar17.8.2010
connectivity, AS promotion, transit6.9.2010
launch of CZ, EU, COM, NET domains13.9.2010
Linux web hosting, PHP 5.3, MySQL, emails13.9.2010
advance accounts for bulk order payments13.9.2010
payment methods – credit cards, superCASH, GoPay13.9.2010
payment methods – MojePlatba (KB), ePlatby (Raiffeisenbank)13.9.2010
commission system13.9.2010
customer support chat13.9.2010
selection of hardware supplier17.9.2010
installation and commissioning of air conditioningSeptember 2010
customer support 7:00-20:00September 2010
installation and commissioning of SHZSeptember/October 2010
wiring, UPSSeptember/October 2010
Domain and DNS APIs (WAPI)October 2010
launching VPSOctober 2010
camera and access control systemOctober/November 2010
full 1 Gbps connectivity over fiber optics (WDM)November 2010
NIX and transit connectivity along the backup routeNovember 2010
backup generator 200 kVADecember 2010
launching dedicated serversDecember 2010
operation of services in the clusterDecember 2010
connectivity and services over IPv6January/February 2011
PayPal payment methodFebruary 2011
mMoney payment method (mBank)March 2011
24-hour customer supportMarch 2011
WebFTP interface3.5.2011
DNSSEC .cz support – trial operation15.6.2011
DNSSEC support for .cz – live operationSeptember 2011
backbone network and 10 Gbps connectivitySeptember 2011
billing of services in EUR, payment to Slovak bankNovember 2011
bulk actions for domains14.2.2012
change of the owner of CZ domains electronically7.3.2012
SSL support for web hosting31.3.2012
DNSSEC support for .EU2.4.2012
DNS – domain templates, bulk adding2.4.2012
electronic signature of PDF invoices17.10.2012
VPS with Windows Server 201224.10.2012
WEDOS Disk – Subversion repository20.11.2012