Changes to EU domains from 21.11.2012


On Wednesday 21.11.2012 there are changes to re-registrations and changes of owners of EU domains. In both cases, an authorization password will now be used and confirmation of changes will no longer be done via email.

Currently, the re-registration process is carried out by EURid sending an email to the domain owner requesting confirmation of the change. Similarly, for a change of ownership, confirmation request emails are sent to both the original and new owner’s address.

A new system of authorization passwords will start to be used globally for EU domains, most similar to the system for generic domains. Each domain will have its own authorization password, which will be accessed by its owner (through its registrar).

These changes will take place on Wednesday 21.11.2012 in the morning hours. At 6:00 the EU Domain Registry will be shut down and at 9:00 it will be restarted in a new version.

Re-registration will be done by requesting the domain owner to request an authorization password from the original registrar. In our case, you will be able to send it from the customer administration to the email address provided by the domain owner. This authorization password is then filled in the re-registration order with the new registrar. Upon payment of the re-registration fee (with a simultaneous 1 year extension), the domain is re-registered. There is no further confirmation, e.g. e-mail requests, does not occur.

The process of changing the owner of a domain will be similar. In our customer administration, the owner will first have an authorization password sent to his e-mail address, which he will then fill in the form for changing the owner. Once the change of ownership fee is paid, the change is made immediately, again there is no further confirmation via email.

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