Started hosting the Subversion repository in WEDOS Disk


Today we are launching the option to host the Subversion repository within WEDOS Disk. You can create any number of repositories with different users.

Service WEDOS Disk now offers hosting of one or more Subversion repositories since November 20, 2012.

Basic information and parameters:

  • you can create any number of repositories
  • you can create any number of users and set access rights to each repository (read/write)
  • the space occupied by all repositories is counted in the space of the WEDOS Disk service (both in terms of data volume and number of files)
  • the number of commits and data transfers are not limited in any way
  • repositories are accessible via SVN protocol, communication is encrypted, SVN clients must support SASL authentication and encryption, unencrypted communication is not supported
  • it is possible to activate email notifications about commits in the repository

This is only hosting the Subversion repository, it is not versioning the files you store in the WEDOS Disk space. This is possible if you connect your disk space via some protocol as a shared disk and create a Subversion working copy on it.

WARNING! We do not offer customer support for this service on how to use Subversion (what it is, how it works, what it’s used for, how to use it). The user must be aware of this, we do not provide any consultation or advice in this regard. We only solve any technical problems with the operation of this service in our country.

More information in our knowledge base: