A five-star hotel for your domain


In the past weeks, the certification of .cz domain registrars has taken place again. Do you know how we did? We got the full number of stars and so we are like a five-star hotel for your domains.

Last year, we only got stars 4. We added a little bit (mainly around DNSSEC) and now we have stars 5.

What is being assessed?

There are multiple criteria being evaluated, which are similar to last year, so check out our article on certification from last year here. The certification protocol can be found on the CZ.NIC website.

So you’ll be seeing our logo:

You will know that we are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified by TÜV SÜD.

More hot news

We celebrated 2 years since the launch of our services. Read our summary article.

In the last week we had over 50% of the hosting market. An excellent result, which is mainly influenced by our birthday party. In the same time, we have grown by about 2.5% of our size. On the day of our birthday celebration alone, it was up almost 1.5%. At this rate, we would grow our business by 100% every 2 months or so. That would be a “rush”. 🙂

Statistics (of .cz domain hosting additions) for several days of our birthday event:

hosting statistics

Statistics (of .cz domain hosting additions) for the year 2012.

hosting statistics

As a .cz domain registrar, we will jump to 6th place after the weekend. We already have over 6.42% of all .cz domains.

We are one of the fastest growing .eu domain registrars globally and we are actively the 3rd largest Czech registrar (soon to be 2nd) and we are 37th globally and soon to be 36th.

In total, we have over 91,000 domains!

Do you want to see what it looks like here? Check out our Facebook profile to see a quick photo report from the end of August.

We gave the winner (this time the winner) another laptop.