What’s going on in the grass? So in WEDOS


Want to know what’s going on with us? So read our report.

We haven’t written anything about what’s new with us in a long time.

What’s new?


We have crossed the 95,000 active domains mark. We became the 2nd largest Czech registrar of .eu domains (and the 36th largest in the world), we jumped 1 step in the Czech Republic and we will soon have 7% of all Czech domains.

Over the last month we have added over 6,717 domains, 1,878 web hosts, several hundred new VPS and WEDOS Disks. But we want to grow faster. Can you tell us how to do it?

We are planning new innovations and improvements, but we want to grow even faster.


Several smaller and larger innovations were launched:

  • WEDOS Disk – mass actions (change of customer data, transfer between accounts). Unfortunately we dropped the individual account change, it will be coming soon.
  • Customers have a color-coded expiration date in the administration
  • Chat sounds – the client can turn on sounds in the conversation window – a short sound when a message arrives.
  • Client .wedos.com – 2 icons have been added in the details of each service – for direct opening of chat and for direct opening of contact form (in both cases the subject is pre-filled with the service name and number).
  • Client – in the “customer” tab, customers have a history of email and chat communication (they can see the communication they have been authorized for, i.e. the email or chat is directly linked to their customer account). They will not see communications here that they were not authorized for.
  • Miniweb – page editing opens in a new window with a more economical design without menu (like a chat operator window)
  • When cancelling an extension, any additional invoice will be automatically cancelled if it has not been paid. Thus, the client can easily cancel the additional service during the “trial period”.
  • DNS – when a record value with a period at the end is entered, it no longer writes an error but simply removes the periodDiagnostics – analyzes and checks AAAA records, fixes various bugs
  • gTLD domains – can also be transferred between accounts using an authorization password
  • Invoicing – documents now also list active additional services
  • Invoicing – invoices are signed with an electronic signature (certificate)

We also launched…

We have started a new DNS server in another location. Once again, we are one step ahead in terms of safety.

We have redesigned the system on the mailserver and now we will decompose the load of the mailserver to prevent problems with webmail.

We’ve added dozens of servers, more disk arrays. We’re growing. Take a look at what it looked like at the end of the holidays.

What are we working on?

We are currently working on the launch of a second 10 Gbps optical route to Prague, which will be via another supplier. There is no problem with the current one, but we want to achieve independence and thus again take the quality of our services a step further. The route should not terminate at SITEL (sorry for the old name 🙂 as our primary and should not have a concurrency with the existing solution anywhere.

We are preparing the translation of our website into English. We want to offer our services abroad. We currently have hundreds of clients from abroad (outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia) who have found our services and ordered and paid for them in the Czech version. This is a fantastic achievement.

We are testing the administration for shareholders (plus other related issues). We’re a little late, but it’s coming…

We are preparing some hardware changes, testing new servers and negotiating with several suppliers. We have changed virtualization servers to a newer version, as well as blade servers with new processors. Everything is more economical…

We would like to put a phone number and contact form for the “wish and complaint book” on the website. You always get in touch with the company’s top management. We want to be one step closer to our clients.

What’s next?

We will add another UPS in November. Again, 120 KVA size, but this time one of the most modern solutions. It is an extremely economical solution. We will provide details in a separate article.

We want to strengthen freecooling so that it works even during the summer. Both steps lead to lower operating costs.

Then we want to take a virtual tour of our WEDOS Datacenter.

We are thinking about having a small Christmas or New Year’s meeting in Hluboká nad Vltavou in the first week of December or January = to talk, eat and drink. Just to get acquainted. We want to do open days in the spring, together with a general meeting of shareholders and lectures.

We are planning further modifications and changes in the administration. In particular, we want to simplify situations where the client has multiple services.

We are talking about .SK domains. Let’s see…

We are seriously considering Datacenter WEDOS II (or whether you want Datacenter WEDOS 2). We calculate, calculate and think. Why, when the current one is empty? Economic savings, business benefits. Economically, this is justified because we can use completely new and revolutionary technologies in the new datacentre, which nobody in the Czech Republic is using yet. Then it will be worthwhile to build a new building there. The business rationale is that we would have two independent professional buildings outside of Prague, which could be a treasure in the future. In addition, we could replicate data and backup between one datacenter and another. It seems like science fiction, but we’re thinking about it pretty hard…

There are many other things in the pipeline, but we can’t write them here. If you have ideas and suggestions, please write us in the discussion or by email. Thank you in advance.

What else is going on here?

Otherwise, we’re working… and growing 🙂 . Our growth is breaking other records and therefore there is a lot of nervousness in the market.

The competitive battle is intensifying. On the one hand, someone on our behalf (or on behalf of our statutory representatives) makes various denunciations to various authorities about competing hosting. We always find out that the authority sends us the result of the investigation. On the other hand, there are many submissions to us. Sometimes it’s small companies, sometimes a big (bigger) desperate company will do it. But we’ve never had a problem.

Furthermore, we have seen our customers being “bribed” by competitors in such a way that competitors reach out to our clients and offer their services at a better price or for free. And that’s just for writing about how they left us…

A competitor wrote a false article about our problems on their website. Fortunately (for them) they removed it the next day. Another (major) competitor started spamming our customers with an offer of free hosting for a year if they move.

We have been subjected to various DDoS attacks on a regular basis. The strongest so far was well over 3 Gbps and lasted over 4 hours). We manage everything without any problems.

Desperate competition doing desperate things…

Instead of everyone focusing on their ministries, they do these acts… Then the charts of hosting growth in the Czech Republic look like this…

We have sent over 1,000 T-shirts and now we are preparing other gifts. Let’s see.

Interesting facts at the end

WEDOS birthday celebration

Thank you for the birthday celebration and thus a day full of records. We grew by about 1.5% in 1 day! 897 payments in just one day plus more on the following days. In one you ordered 315 new web hosts, well over 100 VPS and about 1.300 domains! Fantasia! This is how we want it every day 🙂 Thanks!

Intel and WEDOS

Did you know that Intel wrote a case study about us on Intel.com this spring? We are one of the few companies (in the world) that honestly buys energy saving technologies and has only energy saving processors.
We think :-), we calculate and therefore we are economical when choosing technologies. We don’t play at being a “green” company, but our approach makes us greener than green grass 🙂

Read the English version of the case study, or the full case study (in English) or the Czech version.