Why (not) use the Loyalty Share Programme


Why (not) use the Loyalty Share Program?

To use or not to use?

That’s like Hamlet asking “to be or not to be”. Let’s try to make a short summary. Only the last details are missing from our mini-series introducing our Loyalty Share Program.

We’ll publish more:

  • basic rules and principles about how we imagine the company to operate,
  • we will present the figures for 2011, where of course there will be a loss that corresponds to the investment and growth
  • we will also present the figures for the first six months of 2012 plus a forecast for 2012
  • let’s try to make a serious estimate for 2013

We will then just present the whole process of the subscription, the issue (sale) value of the shares and nothing will prevent us from launching the first round of subscription. Yesterday, the Regional Court – Commercial Register “blessed” the whole thing. Then we’ll just announce the launch date. Now we will reveal that the share price will be 100,-CZK and the subscription will start next week. We have scheduled it to last 14 days and if we don’t get the required number of takers, we will sort out the rest of the amount ourselves after 14 days.

It’s coming.

There is already a lot of interest, surprisingly a lot. The response is great. We don’t know ourselves what will follow. Not at all. Instead of the first pessimistic estimates, we are now afraid that it will not reach all interested parties. If there is more interest than what we offer, we can prepare another round, but then the conditions may be different. The price would be closer to the real value of the company (we believe we are currently underbidding) and would also take into account the excessive interest. This will give the successful bidders from the first round an advantage and perhaps an interesting increase in value. We’ll see what happens next week.


We don’t want to write essay exercises. So today, briefly. I’m sure there are other reasons. If you bring them to our attention, we will add them.

Arguments for use

  • we do not promise miracles, but gradually present the facts, we do not hide anything and we do not even have a reason
  • you are our customer and you want to get 20% discount on service extension
  • you trust us and want to participate in an interesting project
  • as the company grows, its value will grow and so will your investment
  • along with the growth of the company, the dividend will be paid and thus the investment will bring in funds
  • a unique project, a unique solution to our Loyalty Share Program
  • the next round of subscription may be more expensive, as it will take into account the development and growth of the company, or (dis)interest in the first round
  • we are not gamblers and do not want to jeopardize our existing investment, which is many times the amount subscribed
  • all funds will be used for the further development of the company, it will not be a payout to existing shareholders and thus the value will increase again
  • we offer a more than fair offer to participate in an interesting project
  • this may be an interesting investment opportunity
  • the fair market value of the company is significantly higher than the selling price of the individual shares in the form of stock

Arguments against

Our recommendations

We would like to give you an opinion, but we must not influence you. We want you to make your decision clearly and freely, without our recommendations, promises, etc.

We can’t write our opinion on the value of the company (and thus the value of individual shares) here. We’ll save that for the recap when the underwriting is over.

We’ll see the first clues as to whether you made the right or wrong decision next week as we launch our first round of underwriting. We will know right away what the interest is, we will know right away how many people are interested and how much they are investing.


We must leave the decision to you.

What to conclude?

Good luck deciding. Only time will tell if you have made the right decision.

SMS & E-mail info

If you would like to be informed about the exact time when the order process will start, we also offer the option of sending us your phone number or email (or preferably both) and we will send a message that the process will start in so many hours. We estimate that we will send out a notification a few hours before the launch. If you would like a similar message, please contact us via the contact form. Please include a phone number for SMS, email and, if applicable, the expected number of shares to be purchased. We can also track the development of interest accordingly. We don’t know ourselves what will happen.