Loyalty share programme – where WEDOS is heading


Do you know what our plans are for the future? Do you know where WEDOS is heading?

Where we want to go and what we want to achieve

We have big plans. We want to become a leader in hosting on the Czech and Slovak market. We want to establish ourselves in other countries. We have plans for our WEDOS Disk service and are working on other services we want to offer.

Although our current WEDOS Datacentre is relatively empty (occupancy of about 8%), we are already considering another building. It would not only help us in that we could expand our offerings to include modern serverhousing and rackhousing, but we would also have two physical locations ourselves, making it possible to have data stored more securely in two locations. Read a few lines about us. Then you can better decide whether our programme makes sense or not.

Why do we think we will succeed?

Because we know how to do it. We have the necessary know-how and many years of experience, we are very well versed in this field and we have the necessary contacts.

Today’s competition is fierce, so it’s hard to convince customers. Our main argument is quality, which is backed by an unbeatable price. On the one hand, we have built an absolutely cutting-edge (and one of the most modern in the Czech Republic) datacentre, which is not only professionally built, but also professionally operated. We have and want to have very low operating costs in the future because:

  • we are in our own premises (we don’t have to pay huge rents in telehouses, because most of our competitors have their own premises in Prague datacenters, which they don’t even own, but are just tenants, and therefore they contribute to the profit and overhead of the owners of the buildings)
  • we always automate as many things as possible so that minimum staff is needed (this is the basic idea we try to use in our practice as often as possible)
  • we put most technologies and services out to tender and negotiate long negotiations for the best possible terms
  • we know how to minimize other costs (especially electricity, which will be the most expensive item in the future)
  • wage costs in South Bohemia are undeniably lower than in Prague, where most of the competitors are

Moreover, we know our competitors very well, we know about their weaknesses and strengths.


A little about us, about people


  • Mgr. Petr Stastny, 28 years old – Executive Director, university degree in computer science, more than 13 years of experience in the field (although it seems unbelievable given his age)
  • Mgr. Josef Grill, 39 years old – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sales Director, university degree in law, constantly educating himself in other areas (engineering studies at the University of Economics, postgraduate studies in management), 15 years of experience in the field
  • Zdeňka Grill, 35 years old – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, 15 years of experience in the field


Other staff (support, server administration, application development) with many years of experience, some with university degrees. The company currently employs a total of 15 people.

Although our company has only been in existence for a short time, we are no newcomers in this field. Josef Grill founded in 1997 the company P.E.S. consulting, s.r.o. and the company INTERNET CZ, a.s., which are under the joint trademark FORPSI the leader on the Czech market of domain registration and web hosting (see www.forpsi.com) with a market share of over 28%. Petr Št’astný worked for these companies for 7 years as a developer, head of the domain department and as an operations director.

A short history of WEDOS

You can find all the details about us and our development on our website https://blog.wedos.cz .

  • December 2009 – first thoughts about starting a company
  • December 2009 – the company was founded by the Cypriot company WEDOS LIMITED, owned by Josef Grill
  • January 2010 – start of preparations, creation of IT issues, datacentre design
  • Spring 2010 – HW selection, preparation, testing, building, programming, designing
  • June 2010 – purchase of a building – former fallout shelter in Hluboká nad Vltavou
  • summer 2010 – reconstruction of datacenter, preparations
  • September 2010 – we published our plans
  • September 13, 2010 – launch of webhosting offer
  • November 2010 – VPS offer launched for first tests

This is what it looked like for us after a year:


  • September 2011 – 33 thousand domains reached…
  • October 2011 – we got into operating profit (without investments we will earn enough to operate)

This is what we looked like after a year and a half


  • March 2012 – 60 thousand domains reached
  • April 2012 – we settled on 3. place in the size of hosting in the Czech Republic
  • June 2012 – new WEDOS Disk service launched
  • July 2012 – 80 thousand domains reached

This is what our growth looks like this spring in the charts:

Growth chart for the last quarter

Evaluation of the development so far

From our point of view, we are satisfied, but we are not resting on our laurels. We recognize the sharp elbows of the competition, when on the one hand there are denunciations to various authorities and on the other hand there are strong DDoS attacks against us, when the strongest one had an intensity of almost 3 Gbps for several hours, which is so much that it would overwhelm most other companies, because their network infrastructure is built for 1Gbps. We survived without hesitation.

We are fulfilling all our resolutions, our plans are going as we imagined or even better.

For example, over the last 10 months we have had a year-on-year growth of over 245%.

Present and future of WEDOS

Present of WEDOS

Currently we are clearly the fastest growing hosting company and the fastest growing domain registrar in the Czech Republic. We are 3. the largest hosting in the Czech Republic.

We have launched our new service WEDOS Disk, which we want to expand gradually and we have really big plans for it.

Now we have decided to try out our new Loyalty Share Program. If there is interest, we can expand our plans further.

The immediate future

  • Development of the WEDOS Disk service (improvement of the business strategy), purchase of disk arrays, improvement of the service,
  • WEDOS Disk – Subversion, Git, HTTP downloads
  • IDN support for domains and web hosting
  • other domain extensions (especially .sk)
  • service offer in English (we have quite a lot of clients from abroad already)
  • groupware and synchronization on the mailserver
  • fibre optic cable to a second connectivity provider
  • webhosting Windows, MS SQL
  • own transformer station
  • DNSSEC support for gTLDs
  • backup generator 700 kVA
  • if there is interest in the shares, we can continue in this direction, including going public

Outlook for the coming years

  • managed services (dedicated servers, VPS)
  • possible construction of another datacenter in the region, which would also serve the public and could generate very interesting revenues
  • VPS web hosting (solution between our web hosting and our root VPS)
  • website generator
  • continuous improvement of existing services, customer interface
  • to become the Czech market leader in hosting
  • success in selected foreign markets
  • new IT services

A more distant future

We can offer our customers who trust us additional services that can be well automated. For example, it can be a virtual mobile operator, a virtual electricity supplier and other services. We have other opportunities where it would be appropriate to expand.

What’s next?

Of course, there are other options for the future. We’ll be watching the market, we’ll be based on how we (and you) are doing and will do.

Of course, if we succeed with our Loyalty Share Program, we will not only have loyal customers, but also customers who care about our success. These customers will then bring us ideas and inspiration for new services and improvements that can take us one step further.

Can we do it?

We have everything clearly planned. We don’t jump from one thing to another. We do everything thoughtfully, step by step. We’ve already done something. We got the results. Take a look at what we planned 2 years ago when we started our company. Compare that to what we’ve done. If you feel that we have accomplished what we planned, you can trust us now.

We’ve got it all figured out, we’ve got it all planned. We have big but realistic goals that we are meeting.

Won’t low prices be an obstacle?

They won’t, we’re sure of it. We have explained why we have such low prices many times and so here we go again:


Judge for yourself what we have set out to do:


This is what it looks like after less than two years of operation: