WEDOS Antispam goes into Beta test 1.1


Testing of WEDOS Antispam continues.


31. 8. 2018 around 14:00 we deployed an antispam solution on all emails. Testing continues with selected customers.

We have officially launched the first round of public beta testing on 13.08.2018, which will run until 31.08.2018 – (changed) at least until 7. 9. 2018. We are already more than satisfied with the results. It involved dozens of beta testers with more than a hundred domains. Many thanks to all beta testers.

We know that the need to change MX records has discouraged some beta testers, and also that some spam still passes through the backup mailservers. That’s why we decided to move early to Beta test 1.1, which will be much easier to participate in.

How the new WEDOS Antispam performed in Beta Test 1.0

First, summary statistics for the last week.

  • Tagged as spam: 21.110
  • Connection banned (blacklist): 14.602
  • Discarded due to overrun: 20.990
  • Discarded (greylist): 21.187
  • Regular emails: 90.235
  • False Positive/Contested: 10

Thanks to the courageous beta testers who have already sent us dozens of suggestions, we’ve moved one step further. They provided us with important feedback, samples of really “mean” SPAM and their personal opinions and experiences. Also because of the very positive reactions, we decided to “push” some limits a bit more.

False positive or rather questionable emails were dealt with in 10 cases. We can identify some of this by improving the calibration of the more than 200 assessment tools at our disposal. The rest is solved by introducing a folder for bulk correspondence.

The folder for mass correspondence is one of the upcoming innovations. All business offers sent in bulk will end up in this folder. Of course, as with antispam, you can whitelist any sender, and then all future business offers will arrive to a specific mailbox as regular email. But we will write about this news next time 😉

Currently we are already at the stage where we are dealing with very inconspicuous spams that came from a very authoritative source and WEDOS Antispam would even flag them, but it trusts the trusted source (we will filter the fake sender of course). The question is whether to leave the final decision to the customer in this case.

We are considering, testing and of course we would be happy to receive your comments.

WEDOS Antispam Beta test 1.1

But now to Beta test 1.1. As mentioned at the beginning, we are very satisfied with the results. We would like to take the testing further and make it available to more people. We have therefore implemented the new solution directly into our network infrastructure, so future beta testers will no longer need to manually add an MX record. We’ll take care of everything.

Most of the reactions were: “That’s great, why don’t you just throw that crap in the SPAM folder?” At the moment, we see no reason not to. So in Beta Test 1.1, all emails that are evaluated as spam will be marked with a string in the header:

X-Spam-Flag: yes

If you use our RoundCube online email client, messages marked as such will be automatically moved to your spam folder (if such a folder exists). Most modern email clients do the same.

At the same time, we will no longer mark spam with the string [SPAM] in the subject line.

I don’t want to receive SPAM anymore and I want to participate in Beta test 1.1

If you want to join our Public Beta Test 1.1, just contact us via the contact form in the customer administration. Please let us know that you are interested in participating in the Beta test 1.1 of the new WEDOS Antispam, and for which domains we should activate it.

Customer support will forward your request to our development team and WEDOS Antispam will activate it for you. Once this is done, all new emails will have to go through a multi-step WEDOS Antispam check. No emails will be deleted, only marked.

If you find something in the spam folder that doesn’t belong there, we’d be happy to hear from you via the contact form. We need all the input and it will help us with calibration. Especially important for us are e-mails that are evaluated as spam but are regular mail (false positive identification). Please report these to us as a matter of priority.

Please note: The new anti-spam solution is still being tested. It can be modified at any time or temporarily switched off. Incoming mail will not be affected, only emails will not be marked as spam.


Thank you to all current and future beta testers for their cooperation. We believe that together we can get rid of the annoying spam 🙂

The Antispam service will of course be free for all web hosts.

You know that we also have DDoS protection for our services, we have special IDS/IPS protection for all web hosts and now we have decided to improve antispam.