Web Hosting and Domain News October 2010


Since the launch of our domain and web hosting offer in September, we have made many improvements – unlimited subdomains, unlimited FTP accounts, aliases and we have significantly improved the customer administration interface. We’ll tell you what else we have coming up in October.

Each month we will bring you a summary of the latest information and news about our services, this is the first of them. Find out what happened, new or changed in the previous month and what we are preparing for the current month.

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Don’t forget that we welcome any ideas, comments and complaints you may have. For this purpose, you can use in particular the contact form and the discussion forum. We are open to all ideas for improving our service and will try to accommodate you as much as possible (but please don’t email us saying you want everything for free).

News in web hosting

During the second half of September we finished some important things with web hosting, we also responded to comments from our first customers.

  • We have made it easy to create an unlimited number of subdomains. This is done using mod_rewrite override rules in the htaccess file. In practice, you just need to create a directory with the subdomain name in the right place and the contents of that directory will be displayed on the subdomain.(more about subdomains in the knowledge base)
  • With web hosting it is possible to create an unlimited number of additional FTP accounts to different subdirectories of your website. FTP accounts are created and managed in the customer centre.
  • We have increased the space for email boxes to a total of 5 GB. The limit is set to 1 GB by default, but we can change it to 5 GB for free on request.
  • We have integrated the management of e-mail boxes into the customer centre – here you can easily create mailboxes, change their settings, change passwords, delete them, etc. It is a partial replacement of the IceWarp mailserver administration interface, which many customers found unsatisfactory.
  • We have introduced the option cancellation of the service and refund within 7 days from setting up web hosting for any reason. It is a form of trial operation, when you have the opportunity to try our web hosting without obligation.
  • We also offer the possibility cancellation of the service and refund within 180 days from the date of set up, but only due to repeated server overloads or repeated outages.
  • Based on your comments, we have significantly improved our customer centre, in particular we have simplified the navigation, clarified the unclear and added other elements.

More news

  • We have launched the possibility to order re-registration of an EU domain from quarantine (after expiry) – price 230 CZK without VAT (276 CZK with VAT)
  • We have launched a discussion forum where you can discuss with us and other customers or those interested in our services and ask us any questions.

What we are preparing

  • virtual servers (VPS) a dedicated servers – at the end of October and beginning of November
  • 24/7 customer support via email, phone, chat and discussion forum
  • Option to increase space for emails (additional service)
  • Cron – periodic script execution in your site
  • Unlimited aliases package for web hosting (additional service)
  • Domain and DNS API (WAPI) – for customers with a larger number of domains, the possibility of connecting their information system directly to ours
  • bulk domain actions – simplified forms for domain registrations, renewals and changes for more experienced customers
  • In a few days we will launch 8. payment method for orders – mMoney. It is an on-line payment directly from your bank account with mBank. It is already possible to pay online from the accounts of Komerční banka (MojePeníze) and Raiffeisenbank (ePlatby).

And what are we thinking about for the future

  • More frequent web hosting backups (additional service)
  • Access to Apache logs for web hosting – access_log and error_log (additional service)
  • Advanced email server features, e.g. synchronisation (additional service)